Double assassination in Montauban: Eric Galo appealed against his dismissal before the assizes

Simple episode in the judicial process or rebound? The investigating chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal must examine, tomorrow, the appeal formulated by Eric Galo against the order of indictment referring him to the Assize Court. This order issued on June 1 by the investigating judge will, at the end of her investigation, have retained premeditation by qualifying the facts as the assassination of Emilie Gayrard, 38 years old and Laura Macloud, 18 years old.

During that terrible night of November 14, 2019, in a pavilion on rue Gamot, in Montauban, Emilie was found dead on the ground floor, shot dead with a 16-caliber rifle and the victim of several shots. bladed weapons, a sort of ground metal fence post that has never been found. Laura had been hit in the heart by the same gun.

A time suspected of murders on ascendant and cohabiting partner, Mehdi, the son of Emilie and friend of Laura had spent three horrible weeks in detention, before being cleared of all suspicion following the arrest of Eric Galo, the December 4. The latter was the owner of the pavilion inhabited by Emilie.

In the appeal, the defense of Eric Galo, provided by Me Pierre Debuisson, points to several gray areas, in particular to challenge the premeditation. According to the lawyer, “there is still no motive. Money? Impossible. Mr Galo has built a wealth, enjoys a comfortable financial situation. It is not a debt of rent of 2 900 € which could have pushed him to commit such acts. There was also no sexual relations with his tenant. “

A major stake

The defense still evokes “amnesia, memory lapses” of the respondent. “In his mind, it is the most total vagueness. He considers the facts to be monstrous and that he is not capable of having done that.”

But the order also explains that “at the end of police custody, Eric Galo was no longer able to specify the course of the events, but he still has certain flashes and in particular the fact that Emilie Guayrad l ‘verbally assaulted. He tried to justify his inability to recall the scenes of violence by mentioning his many health problems. However, the two psychiatric experts and the psychologist concluded that there was no intellectual deterioration and memory problems. On the other hand, they wonder about a utilitarian amnesia of opportunity. “

The stakes will therefore be high tomorrow in front of the investigating chamber. With premeditation, the penalty incurred in an assize trial is that of life imprisonment.

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