Don’t help me so much, compadre! Peruvian lawyer advances the failure of Chile’s claim to FIFA for irregularities in Ecuador in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

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Peruvian lawyer Julio García anticipates that an issue of deadlines will throw Chile’s complaint against Ecuador to the ground for the alleged irregular participation of the player Byron Castillo in eight games of the last South American Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. “Chile is presenting a complaint by a party when the possibility of contesting a result has been exhausted,” he says.

The Peruvian team hopes to attend its second consecutive World Cup, but first it must defeat the Asian representative in the intercontinental playoff
© Agency OneThe Peruvian team hopes to attend its second consecutive World Cup, but first it must defeat the Asian representative in the intercontinental playoff

The implications of the so-called Byron Castillo Case extend beyond the two federations involved, Chile and Ecuador. FIFA included Peru among those invited to make their defenses after admitting the complaint and launching an investigation to determine the validity of the documentation presented by La Tri in the South American Qualifiers for Qatar 2022.

And in the neighboring country they take these facts responsibly, although they also criticize the Chilean lawyer, Eduardo Carlezzo, who explained the presence of the Peruvians in the instance because “potentially it could have been identified that within various sanctions, some could affect the Federation of Peru.

The Peruvian lawyer Julio García did not manage to listen to the entire Carlezzo conference before making his defenses. “There are several things to comment on beyond what was commented by the lawyer Carlezzo. I don’t see how Peru could be negatively affected by a possible ruling on this issue in all scenarios,” the expert says.

“In the most negative (scenario) or in the most favorable to Chile, Peru would remain as before with 24 points and -3 goal difference,” Garcia stressed in a conversation with Movistar Deportes, after the opening of the case by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

But not satisfied with that, the Peruvian lawyer paints a dark picture for the complaint that La Roja filed with the authorities. “I believe that it will not prosper. Chile is presenting a complaint on behalf of the party when the possibility of challenging a result has been exhausted,” explains the lawyer.

“The term to challenge a result is short, because what is sought is to preserve the principle of sports integrity, the results on the field. That is why the terms are short (…). In most countries they are three to five days. They are very short terms and from there you can no longer claim, “Garcia assured.

It should be noted that the expert omits an important detail, since Chile does not submit a request to challenge Ecuador’s results, but instead files a complaint with FIFA so that it can act ex officio and make its decision, which has an indefinite period to be executed and in the Red wait for the next month to arrive.

Chile finished the South American Qualifiers in the seventh step of the standings, but the cancellation of the matches against Ecuador allow it to reach fourth place and the direct ticket to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. For its part, Peru will remain in fifth place , which forces him to play the playoff in June.

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