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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

One year after the victory in Rotterdam, the Maneskin guests at Eurovision 2022, performing in Turin. The frontman, Damiano, ironically recalled the controversy of last year.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The final evening of Eurovision 2022 has inevitably given great space to Maneskin, back on stage where it all started last year. Twelve months ago they had won the victory in Rotterdam, bringing Eurovision back to Italy after 31 years. On the stage of the PalaOlimpico the Maneskin did not bring their Zitti e Buoni, proposing instead the new single “Supermodel”launched just in these days.

Damiano jokes about the drug controversy at Eurovision

At the end of the exhibition they exchanged a few words with Alessandro Cattelan, who recalled their golden year: “We were lucky enough to travel the world and play with great artists, it was a great experience”, said Damiano, to whom he echoed Victoria: “A great year, we are proud of what we have been able to do.” When Cattelan asked Damiano to give advice to the artists, the singer did not miss an opportunity to make irony about the controversy that had engulfed the Maneskins in the hours following the victory, when the frontman was accused of snorting drugs during the evening, to because of an equivocal shot: “Have fun – he said – and don’t get too close to the tables”.

Injury to Damiano, what happened to the Maneskin singer

The motor difficulties of the singer are quite visible, visibly limping and in pain after the performance because ofaccident he has been a victim of in recent weeks. A small injury, while she was in London shooting the video clip of the song Supermodel. In these hours he arrived at the hotel in Turin and despite being limping, he stopped to take pictures with the fans who stormed him. Then, together with Ethan Torchio, Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi, he met the press and joked: “Don’t worry, I sang in worse conditions”.

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