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The Russian army has lost momentum in the Donbass and is unlikely to sharply accelerate the offensive in the coming month. The Russian army has lost a third of the ground forces assembled in February, according to Twitter The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain, citing its intelligence data.

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It is noted that the Russian offensive in the Donbass has lost momentum and is significantly behind schedule. Despite small initial successes, the Russian Federation has not managed to achieve significant territorial gains, and the attrition of its troops is consistently high.

According to scouts, the Russian Federation has lost about a third of the ground forces that it gathered for a large-scale invasion in February. The situation for the Russians will almost certainly be exacerbated by the loss of critical means of support – bridge equipmentdrones, reconnaissance and surveillance equipment.

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British intelligence added that Russia already lacked bridge equipment throughout the war, which slowed down and limited offensive maneuvers. UAVs are important for tactical awareness and artillery control, but they are vulnerable to Ukrainian air defense forces.

According to intelligence officers, the Russian army is increasingly constrained by the deterioration of auxiliary capabilities, low morale and reduced combat readiness. Many of the lost funds cannot be recovered quickly. This will likely continue to hamper Russian operations in Ukraine.

“Under the current conditions, Russia is unlikely to sharply accelerate the pace of its advance in the next 30 days,” Britain’s intelligence concluded.

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