Health Donald Trump welcomes the Aids vaccine... that does not...

Donald Trump welcomes the Aids vaccine… that does not exist


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Trump welcomes the Aids vaccine… that does not exist (June 16, 2020, at the White House)

UNITED STATES – The american president is eager to see a vaccine against the coronavirus arrive at the point of tangling the brushes in this that science has been able to accomplish or not for the time being.

During a press conference on Tuesday, June 16, Donald Trump wanted to encourage scientists working on a treatment Covid-19 by referring to them as “the brightest in the world” by assigning particular the discovery “of the Aids vaccine”, as you can see in the video below.

If the search has resulted in finding drug combinations that can now live with HIV or to obtain the PrEP, a preventive treatment which reduces 99% of contamination risk, no preventive vaccine or cure exists for the moment.

“They found several things against Aids,” continued Trump. “Several labs are involved, but the treatment of Aids… The Aids was a death sentence and now people live their life with a pill [et non une facture, contrairement à ce que nous avions traduit précédemment, NDLR]it is incredible”.

In 2018, approximately 38,000 people in the United States, a little over 6000 in France and about 1.7 million in the world have discovered their hiv-positive status. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 32 million people died of Aids, and nearly 75 million have been infected with HIV.

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