Dominique Lehmann announces a year 2020 with more bad news than good …

So what do the coming months have in store for us? “2020 is a universal year 4. It symbolizes men of power, their ascent, but also their fall. Year 4 also represents universally the ruptures, the sufferings and especially fanaticism “. Donald Trump will not be running for a second term because he will be at the heart of a scandal that will spring up just before the elections, “as if by chance!” “

A Tsunami will strike Asia, Meghan Markle will have a second child with Prince Harry, and Céline Dion will be talked about a lot!

► There will be more bad news what good!

► ► Politics, climate, health, people, the star of the seers and the seer of the stars reveal everything

► ► ► Here are all of his predictions.


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