Dominika Gottová scores with people by her singing, but critics…

Dominika Gottová wrote her father a moving composition, For You, and while critics call the work a junk, his eldest daughter found a surprising support among Karel Gott’s fans. Seventy thousand people watched the song in two days and praise prevails in the comments.

Dominika Gott has always been the black sheep of the family, and perhaps that led her to write the lyrics to For You, where she describes her deepest thoughts and feelings. Being the daughter of a famous father was not easy for Dominica, and for many years Gott did not show interest in his daughter and was not exactly an exemplary parent.

“You left, one day it must have happened. I always stood behind the curtain, I always admired your strength. You smiled at me from the stage while I looked at you. And when you took me in your arms, I was the one the happiest girl in the world I was lucky you were my dad, with all your nobility Everyone loved you for the joy and love you gave Not only me I was left alone and judged me I am unloved When I don’t know where to go I try to be like you I am just like you inside, there is love and the will to live in my heart But it is difficult to decide for myself The eyes around me are constantly watching, they do not want to understand that it is not you Their stern gaze hurts me and I don’t I try to manage everything, but I’m alone, “Gott recites in her duet with Gabriel Grillotti.

While music critics are horrified by Gott’s work, he still scores points with the public.

A wonderful confession full of sadness

“I think the song is more for people who just criticize it. Like everyone else, they want them to take it for granted and not make it a monster. I think she’s a good woman who feels too alone. “I wish her good luck and the people who will take her as she is. And the song is very nice – even if sad,” Dominika Gottová, the fans, said under the video on Youtube.

“A beautiful melody and confession that is full of sadness. Dominika is a good girl with an unresolved relationship with her father. I wish her happiness and love,” he says, not commenting on the praise.

Some even blame Dominika for her late father. “Successful text, very sad. She seems to have finally said goodbye to her father, who gave her little time and gave her gifts and money instead of understanding, love and normal parenting. It’s time to go my own way, I wish Dominica good luck, “dozens of people encourage Gott.

Critics are clear

For professional critics, the song by Dominika Gottová and Gabriel Grillotti does not garner so much praise for you.

“Dominika has an interesting but a bit old voice for her age. But as an performer, it’s not much. You feel like you’re reading straight from the paper. The song is reminiscent of French chansons from the ’50s. So it’s a hundred years behind monkeys! In popular music there is no term kitsch, but the term s * ačka. Yes, this also applies to the clip. It belongs to the Star Infantry! ” he said Flash radio playwright Josef Vlček completely without napkins.

But the view numbers are rising very quickly, which means that the hit has definitely found its fans. If the work is successful, it is quite possible that Dominika will continue her musical efforts, despite criticism.

Dominika Gottová’s composition evokes mixed reactions


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