Does Jeroen Rietbergen live separately from Linda? ‘Need your own ironing board’

Jeroen Rietbergen has recently been spotted more and more near Linda de Mol’s home. Although it was previously abuzz with rumors that Linda might have forgiven him and he’s moving in with her again, another source says that Jeroen went out for an ironing board this week. Do they still live separately from each other?

After Jeroen Rietbergen confessed to being guilty of sexually transgressive behaviour, Linda’s world has completely collapsed. She gave up her work and licked her wounds at home. After all, Jeroen was the one she cried to when she was cheated by Sander Vahle, not knowing that he would cheat on her later.

Jeroen spotted near Linda

Because long before the cesspool of The Voice of Holland opened, Linda found out that Jeroen had been unfaithful to her. After a break in her relationship, she gave him another chance. But when the Voice scandal was exposed, she decided to end the relationship once and for all.

Because Linda had already forgiven Jeroen before, it was whispered that she would eventually take Jeroen back. Especially when he was spotted several times near her home recently. “I am increasingly getting messages that Jeroen is seen on a bicycle near Linda’s villa. Recently even spotted around the corner,” Yvonne Coldeweijer reported on Instagram. Is it a coincidence, or is he really living with Linda again?

‘Buy ironing board’

Another source, which Jeroen spotted last week, is blown away after Yvonne’s findings. “He got an ironing board at the Hema in Bussum last weekend, so he must have his own house somewhere,” said the source in a message to Yvonne.

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