Does Angelina Jolie have a thing for The Weeknd?

Something may be blossoming between actress Angelina Jolie (46) and singer The Weeknd (31). The two were spotted together three times in just a week. The Canadian R&B singer is also said to have met Jolie’s children.

The Daily Mail writes about the photos that surfaced of the two at a private concert by Mustafa. Angelina Jolie (46) was not alone with The Weeknd (31), her daughters Zahara (16) and Shilo (15) were also present. An insider denied in The Sun that they were more than ‘regular friends’.

Jolie’s son, Pax (17), met the singer when the trio went to lunch in New York. A few days earlier, Jolie and The Weeknd were spotted leaving a restaurant in LA.

Photo: AP

The singer has never made it a secret that he has had a soft spot for Brad Pitt’s ex for years. In his 2016 hit Party Monster, he already sang about Angelina and also about his Selena Gomez, with whom he would later have a short-lived relationship.


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