Doctors have named new symptoms of blood cancer


The main symptom of blood cancer is bruising.

We are talking about bruising, which can hide the initial signs of blood cancer. However, these are not all the symptoms of the onset of a serious illness.

Doctors – members of the charity Blood Cancer UK – have identified new symptoms of leukemia. This may be evidenced by minor damage to the skin, writes Express.

“At first they look like red spots, which change color over time, darken and often begin to hurt. They are more difficult to detect on dark skin,” – said the doctors.

Symptoms of blood cancer are referred to by doctors as bruising, strange weight loss, swelling of the body, shortness of breath, night sweats, pallor, severe infections, fever, rash or itching, and pain in bones and joints.

At the same time, in some people they develop more rapidly, and in some, on the contrary, they develop more slowly. But the danger remains high in any case.

We will remind, earlier scientists discovered a protein that causes blood cancer.

Blood cancer: a non-obvious symptom of the disease named

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