Doc Rivers explains Matisse Thybulle’s essential role in Phila

Philadelphia 76ers He hasn’t had his most desired start to the 2021/22 NBA season by a long shot. The Pennsylvania franchise is currently eighth in the Eastern Conference with a 10-9 record, far from the top spots where it should be (remember that it finished first in the regular season last year).

Beyond better or worse game, the main reason the Sixers are going through this situation is bad luck. The team led by Doc Rivers has been greatly affected by the NBA’s security protocols on COVID-19 (completely outdated considering that all members who can participate in the NBA are already vaccinated).

Among other things, Philadelphia has not been able to count on Joel Embiid, its main star (and before Tobias Harris, second sword), for more than two weeks. This infuriates Rivers, as he feels that he is wasting the great state of form of Matisse Thybulle, the Sixers’ main defensive anchor.

In his latest remarks, the Phila head coach was completely amazed at Thybulle’s performance this year. “He gets multiple blocks on suspension shots per game. That’s completely abnormal. Hopefully you usually see a total of one or two in any game,” Rivers said.

Remembering Dennis Rodman

In the same statements, Doc Rivers talks about Matisse Thybulle, in a way, reminding him a lot of Dennis Rodman: “He is a very fast player, Rodman type. There are certain players who can get off the ground faster than others because of their conditions, he is one of them. He has great instincts that few have managed to dispose of. ”


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