Do you have them around? 6 signs of the zodiac, from which radiate negative energy

Negative energy, as well as positive energy, can be transferred from one person to another and can create an unpleasant atmosphere. Unfortunately, some zodiac signs do so subconsciously without their direct intention. Who is one of them and who emits negative vibrations? Who sees discomfort, setbacks, or catastrophe around every corner? It’s these six signs.


Scorpios they feel everything they experience very intensely and there are times when they have trouble controlling their feelings. It’s like theirs emotions were right on the surface – and any little thing is enough and there will be an explosion. Their negative energy manifests itself according to mood swings and also because of their inability to stay calm when things start to get worse.

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Capricorns they release negative energy that makes it impossible to interact with other people. It is usually when he feels tired and exhausted. Capricorns are very often full of their personal dramas and negative feelings, so they don’t have enough left positive energy so that they can help someone else. They are essentially selfish, and their egoism knows no bounds.

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