Do not wait for Werner to appear okay, Chelsea is looking for something new


First season Timo Werner of Chelsea not going well. The Blues were immediately advised to find a replacement.

Werner has indeed had a hard time since arriving at Stamford Bridge. His prowess last season, in which he scored 34 goals and 13 assists for RB Leipzig, is yet to be seen.

So far, he has only packed 10 goals and 10 assists in 39 games for Chelsea. Not a bad record actually, considering that he needs to adapt to a different Premier League atmosphere.

It’s just that, it is still not considered good by former Arsenal striker Ian Wright. The man who is now a pundit is considered a manager Chelsea Thomas Tuchel had to replace Werner with other strikers if you want to chase the title next season.

According to him, since being handled by Tuchel at the end of January, Chelsea have been able to appear solid at the back and center. Only the front row is not satisfactory, seen from the maximum number of goals per game which is never more than two, it is not always the attacker who scores the goal.

Werner, mana golmu? Foto: Clive Rose/Getty Images

“When we saw him, also the number of opportunities he missed, no matter how low your confidence, a striker of his caliber should not fail to turn it into a goal,” said Wright, quoted by Metro.

‘We know him (Werner) scored a lot of goals for RB Leipzig, but when you don’t play well, and your confidence is low, there are opportunities that shouldn’t fail, and now it becomes a lot. “

“I think about it because they (Chelsea) now need to fix their goals. In back and center they are good, they have everything, and at one point, they have to find a new center-forward.”

“I don’t think they can wait. They need a goal scorer to lift their position, as they want it (to win),” explained Wright.

If according to detikers, what is it Chelsea need to give a new striker? Or keep believing in Werner?



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