Entertainment Dmitry Pevtsov has not been able to recover from...

Dmitry Pevtsov has not been able to recover from grief for a month


In the family of actor Dmitry Pevtsov, a great sorrow recently occurred, which he hid from his fans for a week. His mother, Noemi Robert, did not live up to her 92nd birthday for 20 days and died in early summer.

The actor himself still can not move away from what happened and even after a month he is seriously experiencing this loss. The spouse of the artist Olga Drozdova does not find words either.

“I’m probably not ready for an interview, there’s no moral strength now,” she told the journalist “KP-Petersburg”, which I promised to talk to a very long time.

Now Olga Drozdova focused on her son Elisha. Mother and her child do homework every day. In the status in social networks, she has the status: “I am looking for work.”

Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova married since 1994. For a long time, the couple dreamed of a child, but the actors became parents only in 2007.

Son of Elisha studying at the Moscow presidential cadet school named after M.A. Sholokhov. According to the actor, this is the best place for a teenager to develop the brain, body and soul.

Dmitry Pevtsov still had eldest son Daniel who died tragically in August 2012 while relaxing at a party with friends.



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