DKI Jakarta Records 43 New Cases of Covid-19

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Department of Health (Dinkes) DKI Jakarta reported that there were 43 new positive cases Covid-19 per Sunday (5/12) based on PCR test results. Currently, the number of active positive cases has reached 371 patients.

“The DKI Jakarta Health Office carried out PCR tests as many as 16,121 specimens. Of these tests, 15,314 people were tested by PCR today to diagnose new cases with 43 positive results and 15,271 negative results,” explained the Head of Disease Prevention and Control, DKI Jakarta Health Office, Dwi Oktavia, through an official statement, quoted from Between, Sunday (5/12).

The number of positive cases from the PCR test is said to be down from Saturday’s 48 cases.

In addition to the PCR test, the DKI Jakarta Health Office also conducted an antigen test on Sunday to 36,085 people. The results found four positive people and the rest negative.

On Sunday, one positive Covid-19 patient died and 53 people were declared cured.

Currently, the total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Jakarta has reached 864,178. A total of 850,228 of them have recovered, while 13,579 have died.

So far, the DKI Jakarta Health Office has injected the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to 9,087,627 people, including 3,797 on Sunday.

The number of people who have been injected with the vaccine at least once now stands at 11,126,371, including 1,380 people who were injected on Sunday.


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