Djokovic’s Lesson for the World

Imagine someone who has become the best at what he does, but not just the best in his group, in his city or country, but in the whole world.

Stop and think for a minute how hard this person tried to reach the level of the best in the world in what he set out to do.

Then you get to the best in the world, for example, in some sport like tennis.

Tennis may not be as popular as football, but it is glamorous and traditional to the point of being a part of the Olympics from the very first games.

In recent days, the whole world has watched episodes of Novak Djokovic’s soap opera in order to defend his title as champion of the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open.

Djoko, with 9 titles, is the biggest winner of the Australian Open.

Djoko arrived in Australia unvaccinated and having been infected with the coronavirus in December 2021.

Djoko did not have the “vaccine passport”.

Djoko insisted on his right, as a free man, to choose not to be vaccinated. Won in Australian justice.

Lost to the Australian government, even after appealing, the right to defend his title.

Djoko has been deported and can stay 3 years without being able to enter Australia.

We know that people often do anything to achieve their goals, even subjecting themselves to any practice.

Djoko, despite being number one in the world and on the verge of becoming the greatest tennis player of all time, did not give up his freedom, not even to compete in one of the four biggest tennis tournaments of the year.

Djokovic’s lesson to the world is simple and timeless: Values ​​like freedom are non-negotiable.

Djokovic was born and raised in a country at war, learning the true meaning of freedom like few others.

Note: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have 20 Grand Slam titles each and are the three biggest winners in tennis history.

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