Djokovic won the trial. However, the start of the Australian Open can be reversed by the Minister

The first tennis player in the world rankings, Novak Djokovic, succeeded in an Australian court with an appeal against deportation, he can stay in the country for the time being and start defending the title at the Australian Open. However, the attempt to win the tenth triumph at the first grand slam of the season may be thwarted by the Minister of Immigration, who may revoke Djokovic’s visa.

Djokovic succeeded on Monday morning with an appeal in the case of visas withdrawn and deportation from Australia. The court expressed understanding for the tennis player’s situation and ordered that Djoker be allowed to enter the country within 30 minutes of the verdict and return of his passport and all personal documents. In addition, Judge Anthony Kelly ordered the government to reimburse Djokovic for the costs of legal representation.

The tennis player was detained and isolated at the hotel upon arrival in Melbourne. According to news agencies, he could have left the room during the trial to watch the trial with the team in the lawyer’s office.

However, Australian Government Attorney Christopher Tran announced immediately after the ABC court ruling that Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke would consider reversing the court ruling and revoking entry visas. In that case, Djokovic would be barred from entering Australia for three years.

But Djokovic is guaranteed peace for at least the rest of Monday. Minister Alex Hawke had four hours to decide whether to take the visa from the Serb again. They passed without action, so Djokovic is free for the rest of the day. But Hawke can make the decision on Tuesday.

Australia allows only fully vaccinated people to enter the country. Djokovic opposes compulsory vaccination in public, and court documents confirm that the Serbian tennis player is not vaccinated. He arrived for the first grand slam of the season with a visa granted under the exemption for covid-19, which according to lawyers had a tennis player in December 2021. ​


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