Divorced with Kalina, Vicky Prasetyo Gets a Message from Former In-laws

Jakarta, Insertlive

Vicky Prasetyo surprised the public with the news of his divorce from Kalina Oktarani. However, Vicky admits that he is still in communication with Kalina.

In addition, Vicky also said that he still maintains good relations with Kalina’s mother. He felt that the news of his divorce from Kalina was inappropriate to ruin his relationship with his former mother-in-law.

“When we got married, we asked our parents for it, when we finished there was no relationship, you know,” said Vicky Prasetyo when met in the Bekasi area, West Java, Saturday (22/1).

“I’m rich, I’m always there even though my relationship with Kalina is over, but if I’m with my mother, God willing, I can keep it up,” he continued.

Vicky admitted that he received many lectures when he met Kalina’s mother. One of the messages is about divorce Vicky with Kalina.

“Why can’t you wait, it’s like Kalina at the end of the abyss, if you don’t survive or you don’t save, you will both fall,” said Vicky.

Besides that, Vicky also conveyed another message that was conveyed by his mother Kalina. Vicky said Kalina’s mother still wants to maintain good relations.

“You don’t know how long you will live like this condition, yes, it’s positive. If it’s not handled properly, don’t ever leave Mama,” Vicky concluded.


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