News Divia's transport plan for deconfinement on May 11 in...

Divia’s transport plan for deconfinement on May 11 in Dijon


Divia will support de-containment by expanding its public transport offer as of Monday, May 11. The detail of this plan, point by point.

Transport offer

The director of Keolis Dijon mobilités Thomas Fontaine announces: trams and buses will run at 70% again, against 25% at present. “In detail, it will be a cover of _5 a.m. to 11 p.m._, with peak periods over which we will maintain a high level of service. “ Why 11pm? It’s simple: the night activity with bars, restaurants, and other cinemas and theater is always stopped, the service remains adapted to containment schedules.

Mandatory masks

This is a government directive, it will apply automatically to Dijon as soon as it is de-contained: on board public transport, all of the travelers will have to wear a mask. “We will be there from May 11 to ensure the sensitization public. It’s not _not the goal of police_, you must first make sure that the masks are available and worn. Overall, we are optimistic about that. “ Especially since the university students, who represent a large part of the attendance, will not resume classes before September.

Safety distances on board

Another government recommendation: respect the safety distances inside vehicles. At Divia, the choice was made to rely on the common sense of the users. No seat condemned as the idea had been put forward, however a lot of prevention on the ground: “All of Divia’s teams _support and guide clients on this measure_, there will be voice messages of awareness, on buses, on trams and at stations. The measure must be explained and as far as possible guaranteed that it will be observed. “

For Thomas Fontaine, the transport offer should be sufficient, at least initially, to ensure physical distance: “70% of the offer, compared to frequentation which will resume very gradually, this will guarantee that people are not too promiscuous on the quays and in vehicles, and therefore guarantee this distance”.

Still no direct ticket sales

At station level and inside buses and trams, priority will be left to payment by card, contactless. The return of sale on board, “in currency”, is not considered at this stage.

Hygiene on board buses and trams

According to Keolis Dijon, this is one of the fundamental points of de-containment. “There will be one logic of excellence on cleanliness and hygiene “, confirms Thomas Fontaine. “We reinforce the daily cleaning on all the walls of the contact areas, we also set up additional cleaning during the day directly on trams and buses “.

The bicycle, complement to a logic of global offer

In the coming weeks, cycling will also have a role to play in the overall transport offer in Dijon. With a boost from Divia’s services on its two rental offers: “we left on a plane to be able to make more bikes available. This is the case for self-service bikes, _Divia Vélodi_, with a special offer to be implemented within two weeks, and then for Divia Bikes in long-term rental, to complement the travel offer of travelers to the metropolitan area of ​​Dijon. ”

Soon return of paid parking but not now

The paid parking will come back yes but not next week. It will be progressive. “What is certain is that we will be careful to ensure that the vehicle turnover rate is again ensured, that is to say that when you come to the city center, you can have the availability of parking spaces. “


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