Divalterra’s exes make their debut in the Firefighters Consortium and finalize the end of the company

It’s not September, but in the Provincial Firefighters Consortium there are 432 workers that this Wednesday felt like their first day of school. The staff that until the previous day was part of Divalterra he has released employment as well as the condition of ‘ex-worker’ of the public company of the council. It is the penultimate step for the end of the old Imelsa, which expects its final liquidation for the first quarter of 2022.

Divalterra is heading to be history and what to do with the staff, mostly forestry brigade members, has been one of the issues that has generated the most headaches in the provincial corporation. After an agreement signed in June, it has been decided to subrogation of contracts in the consortium, a fact that the council describes as an “orderly transfer of personnel and skills” that allows, on the one hand, that the services of the brigades continue to be offered by the provincial entity and that the workers “keep their jobs and under equal conditions.”

This transfer of personnel has forced the council to increase by 24 million, up to 54.6 million, the departure of the Firefighters Consortium in the 2022 budgets to pay the new payroll. In total, there will be 1,200 workers who will reinforce the prevention and extinction of fires in the urban-forest interface from this entity. “We have a clear roadmap to resize the Firefighters Consortium, which begins with organizational and administrative planning that implies the best future and service to citizens,” defends the president of the consortium, head of the Environment and vice president of the council, Maria Josep Amigó.

In this sense, it reveals that there will be a coupling “orderly manner”, with a mid-term reorganization to optimize resources, increase service capacity and strengthen procedures. Thus, he points out that the powers of firefighters are detailed by law and access to this category is also regulated through an opposition, because the inclusion of the brigades must “scrupulously” respect what is established by current legislation.

But all those who are are not all those who have been. A part of the staff that formed Divalterra will not continue working. There are 87 former employees who agreed to take advantage of the voluntary dismissals proposed by the liquidation company that is piloting the closure of Divalterra. Of the 87 workers who have taken advantage of the voluntary ERE, and of which the total cost in compensation is unknown, 81 are specialists, foremen or drivers of Forestry Brigades; 5 belong to other areas of this service and one person works in the cleaning service.

Others, around fifty, have been incorporated through decrees to the Diputación de Valencia from the figure of non-public employee workforce. This provoked the anger of the Intersindical union, which considered that these transfers had been made from positions created expressly. There is also criticism from the Valencian Republican Union of the assumption by the Firefighters Consortium of thirty former Divalterra employees who were engaged in administrative work, a fact for which they have filed a contentious-administrative appeal.

But this start in the new job of 432 former Divalterra employees has not meant the end of the public company that has been accompanied by controversy in recent years. There are still three managers in the company to pilot its end, something planned for the first quarter, and for which 600,000 euros are allocated in 2022.

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