Distrust and division in the Labor Party after Akershus Labor Party’s Viken decision

The Labor Party has only governed Akershus once since 1975. This is one of the reasons why the Labor Party’s team in this county wants to keep Viken. But different fronts in the party emphasize this differently.

Anniken Huitfeldt is county leader in Akershus and foreign minister in the government. She has surprisingly stepped in to keep Viken.

– A county division will be time-consuming and costly, both in terms of financial and human resources.

According to a statement, this is the main reason why Akershus Ap wants to keep Viken. But many of Aps Viken’s opponents do not believe in that version. They believe there are completely different reasons behind Akershus Ap’s surprising yes to keeping the controversial, large county municipality.

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