Dispute over artificial turf for Traar

Renovation of Krefeld sports facilities
Dispute over artificial turf for Traar

When will Traar finally get an artificial turf pitch? This is a question that worries the users of the facility on Buscher Holzweg. You have collected 1,427 signatures to move the project forward. The city does not want to bring the construction forward despite the pressure.

With a large signature campaign with 1,427 signatories, those responsible for the clubs and primary school based on Buscher Holzweg want to ensure that the city of Krefeld prefers the construction of an artificial turf pitch. The withdraws to the objectified and fixed order of the sports facilities and wants to renovate other sports fields first. This is incomprehensible to the people of Traar mainly because they are convinced that they have already done a large part of the preparatory work.

Financial contributions, construction plans and their own work on the site: those responsible for the four users of the primary school Buscher Holzweg, FC Traar, TV Traar and Verberger TV made advance payments. “We have invested a lot of work and also money from private individuals and the clubs. There are not only beach volleyball fields, we have built a roof for the terrace, there is a boules court, a chess field with large, self-made wooden figures, and we are planning shelters for spectators on the field, ”says VTV chairman Jan Moertter.

“The next big project will then be a sports kiosk where citizens can borrow various sports equipment,” reports Andreas Stattrop, board member of FC Traar. But at a certain point the busy functionaries’ opportunities end. “We approach the whole thing in a very modular way. Of course, as is well known, our main goal is the construction of the ‘Treffpunkt Traar’ hall, which should benefit everyone involved and would also be a contact point for citizens who have little or nothing to do with sport. But as the next step we would like to build an artificial turf pitch. Winter is now coming and with it the Traar Lake District again, ”explains Stattrop.

In return, those responsible are convinced that they have done some preparatory work that justifies taking the measure forward. “In general, we support the sports facility commission and the order stipulated there. But we have not only identified funding pools here that would enable construction with little urban funding. We brought in a landscape architect who had already drawn up plans. We have acquired private funds and done a lot of preparatory work. Ultimately, the work is carried out by external companies. The burden for municipal employees and municipal operations is manageable, ”says Stattrop.

This statement causes displeasure among sports department manager Oliver Klostermann. “Mr. Stattrop, who is part of the sports facility commission, should know that we have an order based on objective criteria. In addition, the application for funding is not done with two crosses and a signature. An employee sits on it for several weeks. We know the funding pots from the state and federal government. We know our craft. And we don’t like being driven by public pressure. We also want to be fair to the other clubs in the city, “he says unequivocally and continues:” I understand your impatience, and we are currently spending a lot of money and investing a lot of work in our places. But we can’t clear 20 years of traffic jams in a few weeks. “

City director Markus Schön also agrees. “In general, I think the commitment there is excellent and I fully support it. The plans for the Traar meeting point are also a great thing and should also offer a holistic neighborhood approach that goes far beyond sports. But it makes all the more sense to consider and treat the whole thing holistically. Building artificial turf in a rush would not do it justice, ”he says and also emphasizes:“ We are now working on other facilities such as Hubert Houben, Sprödental and so on. These were clearly identified in the prioritization and we are bundling all resources here, ”parried the city director against the allegations from Traar.

There those responsible see the situation differently. “We put so much into the urban complex like nowhere else. We feel it is a slap in the face that few concessions are returned. If the current plans are slavishly worked through, it will easily take ten years to build. It will be difficult to motivate our members to continue investing for so long when there is no support, ”says TV Traar chairman Marcus Benger. And school principal Birgit Meierkamp adds: “In winter, physical education is increasingly difficult. The hall is out of date, and outside then hardly anything is possible because there are puddles everywhere. Up-to-date teaching is hardly feasible like this. “


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