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Since the appearance of the first reports issued by the Wuhan China and Iran and then Italy later, we learned that the loss of the sense of smell was one of the symptoms is important for the “SGRF-19”.

And now, after several months of reports, experts believe that they have a model of how to cause the new coronavirus in the loss of the sense of smell, based on reports involving Simon Jin, consultant surgery and ear, nose and throat in the University of London, and Jane Parker, associate professor, at the University of reading.

According to Russia Today, is a viral infection of the most common causes of loss of sense of smell, such as colds or other upper respiratory tract infections.

The virus corona that does not cause deadly diseases, such as “SGRF-19” SARS وMERS, one of the reasons colds are known to cause loss of smell.

In most of these cases, the sense of smell, when the symptoms, because the loss of smell is simply the result of a stuffy nose, what prevents the access of odor molecules to olfactory receptors in the nose. In some cases, can continue loss of smell for months and years.

As for for the new corona virus SARS-CoV-2, the pattern of loss of smell is different. Many people infected with the “SGRF-19″about the sudden loss of the sense of smell and then the surprise return and complete the sense of smell natural in a week or two weeks.

It is interesting that many of these people said that their noses were open, so it can not be attributed to the loss of smell to a stuffy nose. For others, the lost sense of smell for a long time, and after several weeks they didn’t have the sense of smell.

And now, after a CT scan for noses and sinus people who suffer from loss of smell due to the “SGRF-19”, we can see that part of the nose which can smell the smell, the apartments olfactory, restricted by the swelling of the soft tissue and mucus – known as the syndrome of the apartments. The rest of the nose and paranasal sinuses appear normal and the patient is suffering from a problem breathing through his nose.

We know that MERS-CoV infects the body by attaching to receptor ACE2 on the surface of the cells, that line the upper respiratory tract. Then helps a protein called TMPRSS2 virus to invade the cell.

Once the virus, it can speak, what leads to the inflammatory response of the immune system. This is the starting point of the speech and the devastation caused by this virus once in the body.

Initially, the experts considered that the virus might infects olfactory neurons and destroys them. These are the cells that transmit the signal from the molecule of the smell in the nose, to the area in the brain where they are interpreted these signals as “smell”.

However, he showed compassion International recently reported that protein and ACE2 that are needed by the virus to invade the cells, not found on olfactory neurons. But I discovered in the cells called “neurons of the ventral” supporting cells of the olfactory nerve.

We expect to be support cells that are damaged due to virus, will cause the immune response in the swelling of the region but leave the cells of the olfactory nerve is intact. When the immune system with the virus, descended tension and the molecules of the smell with a clear path to not damaged, and the sense of smell to normal.

So why not back the smell in some cases?. Can be due to what we know about the inflammation in other systems, which is the body’s response to damage and release chemicals that destroy the infected tissue.

And when this inflammation is severe, the cells adjacent to the other in damage or destruction because of this “damage”. We believe that this represents the second phase, where you receive the olfactory neurons.

The cost of the restoration of smell is much slower because the olfactory neurons need time for renewal, the supply of stem cells within the lining of the nose.

The good news is that olfactory neurons can regenerate. It grows both almost all the time. We can harness this renewal and guidance “the natural treatment of the nose”.

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