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disable the RCS on your old smartphone becomes more simple


If you are taking advantage of the RCS with Google mail on your old smartphone, the disabling of this feature becomes more easy now, thanks to a form in two steps provided by Google.

Google Mail

You can more easily disable the RCS on your old smartphone

This is a little time Google Messages has embraced the RCS, particularly in France. As a reminder, this acronym means Rich Communication Servicesa protocol that wants to replace the traditional SMS. Thus, the messaging application has” chat features “. By checking this option, you can take advantage of the RCS.

As a reminder, the RCS is essentially in the SMS-enriched and lets you know if your recipient has read the message or if it is in the process of writing one, send voice recordings, create group discussions, to share its position, etc thus, One speaks often of a iMessage on Android.

In all logic, simply uncheck this famous option” chat features“to disable the RCS on a smartphone. Now, Google goes a little further and now allows you to disable this feature on your old phone, even if you no longer have access to.

Disable the RCS on your old smartphone from your PC

Why can it be relevant ? First of all, you should know that the services that RCS are bound to a phone number. Thus, if you switch from a device compatible with RCS to a device that is not compatible without changing the telephone number, you might not receive some messages.

It is thus necessary to a clear understanding of Google Messages, messages RCS sent to your device must be converted into an SMS classic to be properly consulted. This is why a support page has quietly been put in place. On it, you can unsubscribe your phone number from the RCS via a form in two steps.

If you encounter difficulties (and you do not receive all the SMS/MMS message, for example), while you have kept the phone number from your old phone to the new one, you may need to disable chat features on your old phone.

By going on this famous support page, you will need toscrollera little, before falling on to the topic”Without your old device“. Here, you only have to enter your phone number. Google will then send you a six digit code that you must enter in the second field to prove that it is indeed your number.

De-registration RCS Google Messages, De-registration RCS Google Mail

Simply fill in this form in two steps to disable the functions RCS on your old device

In doing so, you are going to disable the RCS on your old device, even if you no longer have access to, and you will ensure that the messages RCS that are sent to you will be converted to SMS.

Still no official announcement

Attention, it is possible that you may receive an error message in return explaining that your phone number had never been registered under the RCS or that it is associated with the SCR system of an operator and not that of Google.

This form in two steps has been spotted by a user on Reddit. Google, itself, has so far made no official communication to this regard, the support page in question was perhaps not yet fully finalized.



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