Diputación de Granada presents the new collection of dramatic texts ‘Theater under the sand’


The García Lorca Board of the Granada Provincial Council presented on Friday night at the Palacio de los Condes de Gabia the new collection ‘Theater under the sand’ and the first work in the collection, the work ‘Vulanicos’, by the professor of English Literature from the University of Granada, Gerardo Rodríguez Salas.

The collection ‘Theater under the sand’ is aimed at giving visibility to current theater authors, in the same way that it was done in the time of García Lorca during the first third of the 20th century with collections such as La Farsa “, according to the First Vice President and Deputy for the Presidency, Culture and Historical and Democratic Memory, Fátima Gómez Abad, who presented the collection and the first work of the same together with the director of the Board of Trustees and the Museo Casa Natal de Fuente Vaqueros, José Luis Chacón.

Gómez Abad has affirmed that currently very few publishers are committed to investing in the publication of theatrical texts. “For this reason, it is important that from public institutions, such as the García Lorca Board, we bet on this type of initiative,” he indicated.

According to a statement from the Provincial Council, ‘Theater under the sand’ takes its name from Federico’s scenic and theoretical proposal during his stay in New York. In it he refers to the contemporary theater of the future, to the poetry that rises from the book and becomes human. The proposal of the García Lorca Council of the Diputación is aimed at current dramatic authors or scenic, formal and novel proposals, inspired by the poet’s own theatrical texts.

“The objective is to bet on current theater authors who have no place in publishing houses and give them the visibility they need to enter the market,” stressed the first vice president and deputy for Culture and Historical and Democratic Memory.

On the occasion of the presentation, a colloquium took place, coordinated by the director of the Board of Trustees and the Museo Casa Natal de Fuente Vaqueros, in which the members of the advisory commission who are in charge of selecting works participated: the actress, producer and stage director, Emi Ekay; the playwright, Alberto Conejero; and the playwright, actress and stage director, Sara Molina. Gerardo Rodríguez Salas, author of ‘Vulanicos’, the first work selected within the Theater under the Arena collection, also participated in the colloquium.

“The work, which recovers popular language, is a tribute to a generation of women who have remained in the memory, a tender and compassionate look from a poet who cared for those women who, at one time in our history, observed the flight of the “vulanicos” (Granada word that refers to the set of feathery hairs of dandelions) from their bedrooms.

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