Dimitar Zorov with a desperate forecast for the price of cheese

In the last few months, commodity prices have continued to rise sharply. How has the increase in electricity affected dairy farmers and is there another leap in cheese?

“Cheese prices increase from 40 to 75 percent from the producers to the store. BGN 12 is the real price per kilogram of cheese now. If VAT becomes 9 percent for goods from the small basket, the price of cheese will not fall, but will save the upcoming increase.

Nobody can say what the price of the cheese will be in July, “Dimitar Zorov, director of the Association of Dairy Producers in Bulgaria, told NOVA NEWS.

“Dairy plants are on the verge of collapse, they are pressuring farmers to close, selected animals go to the slaughterhouse.

At one point, the situation becomes hopeless. The Bulgarian breeder is becoming unequal compared to other countries, where subsidies are different, VAT is different, “Zorov added.

“Gas has risen four times, the price of nitrogen fertilizers has risen six times. At the moment we do not see compensatory mechanisms.

Now businesses are operating at a loss, consumption is falling, not selling at real cost, but this is a decision of every owner.

“People who have not left their offices should listen to people who are engaged in real production for 365 days and earn their salaries,” said Dimitar Zorov.

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