News Dijon. A hundred protesters have been demanding the resignation...

Dijon. A hundred protesters have been demanding the resignation of the prefect after the violence


A hundred people, including the inhabitants of Grésilles, have challenged this Saturday, June 20, a ban prefectural show to Dijon (Côte-d’or) to demand the resignation of the prefect, accused of laxity in the face punitive expeditions carried out last weekend by the chechen community in this sensitive area.

After your abandonment, we call for your resignation !, could be read on a banner of the protesters gathered in the quiet in the city centre of the capital of burgundy, under the supervision of the forces of law and order.

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“We are no longer safe “

There has clearly been a non-intended action of the police that can be attributed logically to monsieur the prefect, there have been assaults, violence, people get beaten up by vengeance. It is just there to send a message. If the prefect had done its job, you wouldn’t have had all these images and this bad publicity for Dijonsaid Youssef Drissi El Bouzaidi, a resident of Grésilles.

This is unacceptable, the prefect must resign, it is no longer safe. I fear for my 17 year old sonhas told his side of Amina, a resident of the nearby town of Chenôve, also affected by violence at the end of last week.

After the meeting place of the Republic, the small procession attempted to reach the prefecture, but it has been blocked in the road by the forces of order and had to make a u-turn before dispersing, always in the quiet.

A handful of Yellow vests and libertarians were also present but stayed back from the walk.

Fearing overflows, the prefect of the Côte-d’or was taken on Friday evening an order prohibiting any demonstration in the historic city centre and the places connected by the “grand boulevards” after an appeal to demonstrate some of the inhabitants of the Grésilles.

Two companies of CRS, which is nearly 150 men, were deployed as reinforcements on Saturday to secure the perimeter, said the prefecture.

The prefect is defending any ” laxity “

The city has experienced tensions from 12 to 15 June, initiated by a punitive expedition of members of the chechen community towards the Previous of north african origin following an assault on a chechen girl.

The fact that the forces of the order are not occurring in a first time has led to accusations of laxity on the part of political and residents of the areas covered by the trips chechens.

An opinion without foundation would like us to believe that the police did not intervene and that the neighborhoods have been abandoned to the vindictiveness of a violent group. It is nothing, of course, has written the prefect of the region and prefect of Côte d’or Bernard Schmeltz for the inhabitants in a press release.



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