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Dijon : 8 tenors of the local line call to vote Emmanuel Bichot


The complete press release

“The voters of Dijon are called to vote Sunday, June 28, for the second round of municipal elections.

Now is the time to be a decisive choice for the next six years. The choice of whether to continue with a team established for 20 years, overtaken by the reality of its balance sheet, or the choice to engage with a new team including the project better meet the aspirations of Previous.

Because we love Dijon, city of art, history, culture, heritage, remarkable, because we believe in its potential and its future, we want to make the choice of a new team, around Emmanuel BICHOT, to bring new ambition and Dijon the capital of the quality of life.

We want to make the choice of a new team, around Emmanuel BICHOT, because Dijon and its residents deserve a project of urban quality. The Previous have reason to want to stop the densification of neighbourhoods and to prioritise the renovation of buildings. We endorse their project of a human-sized town, more airy, more smooth and more green and respectful of nature and cultural heritage.

We want to make the choice of a new team, around Emmanuel BICHOT, because she has the desire to ensure the safety and the peace everywhere and for everyone. The republican order in all parts is imperative to ensure the freedom of each individual. It is inextricably linked to the principles of equality and fraternity.

We want to make the choice of a new team, around Emmanuel BICHOT, because it embodies the democratic renewal of which Dijon is in need. The inhabitants must be consulted on and involved in projects in their neighbourhood. The management of the public money should be more transparent and detailed, so that every euro spent to be useful to Previous.

We want to make the choice of a new team around Emmanuel BICHOT because she will be able to build a balanced relationship of trust, and ambitious with the other territories of our department and our region.

We need a regional capital more dynamic for the economy and for employment. We need a capital city that radiates in all territories. Sunday, June 28, we call the Previous to make a choice for their future. Choose the renewal. Trust to a new team, around Emmanuel BICHOT.”


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