Digital Terrestrial and the strange wording “provisional channel”: that’s why it appears

The switch off of Digital Terrestrial to DVB-T2 is getting closer and closer. But why does the word “provisional channel” appear every now and then? Here is the reason

It is one of the most discussed issues of recent years: it switch off of Digital Terrestrial to the DVB-T2 standard. A real revolution, which will allow 5G to occupy new frequencies and citizens residing in Italy to access a free offer that has never been so rich. There is talk of new channels and transmission in high definition.

The new Digital Terrestrial is coming. This is what the wording “Provisional Channel” (Unsplash) means

All this, however, also involves the obligation to purchase new decoders and Smart TVs for all those who do not have a latest generation device. While waiting for the change to be final, some changes (both regional and national) have been made for some months. But why does the strange wording appear every now and then “Provisional channel”? Here is the reason why.

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This is what “Provisional Channel” means on Digital Terrestrial

terrestrial digital 20220122
It could be a channel that is about to change numbering or a duplicate (Pixabay)

With the passage of the DTT to the standard DVB-T2, several television stations are undergoing major changes. You will surely have read the wording “Provisional canal”, but for what reason? In the meantime, let’s clarify that it is not an error of your TV or decoder, but of a wording that appears to everyone. Put simply, it refers to the fact that it is a channel intended for change numbering in the next months. There is no set period, in reality, but surely before the completion of the switch off you will have to type another number on your remote control.

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There is also a second case, less common but which could still happen. Considering the many changes that are being made, it is possible that there are identical dual channels on separate numbers. If one of them says “Provisional Channel”, then most likely it will be canceled in the next few weeks.

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