Diablo 2: Risen – For Patch 2.4, Blizzard Changes What Was Held Sacred For Years (UPDATE)

What can you try on the PTR? Class balance changes, new runewords, new Horadrim recipes, mercenary changes, and other gameplay adjustments.

  • what about the ladder? This has not yet been entered into the PTR. So when D2R will finally have their Ladder Seasons remains unclear.

* You can find more information in the official blog post (for the PTR)

How to take part

To participate in the PTR, you must have a non-preloaded Battle.net account, a version of Diablo 2: Risen, and the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app.

  • Launch the desktop app and open the Diablo 2: Risen page.
  • At the bottom left you will find a dropdown menu just above the “Play” button. Select here “Public test domain (PTR)”.
  • Now click “Install” and follow the installation instructions.
  • Your PTR account will be created automatically if you don’t already have one.

The most important information at a glance

What should patch 2.4 contain?

  • Balance changes to classes and their builds
  • New runic words for the ladder
  • New recipes for the Horadrim cube
  • New set items

When will patch 2.4 be released?

An exact date for the release of patch 2.4 has not been mentioned yet. A PTR will take place in early 2022. Based on the feedback collected, the developers will decide which features and changes will remain in the patch and which will need to be removed or reviewed again.

Do the changes only apply to the Ladder?

Class balance changes affect the entire game. The new runewords will be introduced for the first time in the ladder seasons. However, items picked up there can be carried over to non-ladder games.

Where can I find more information about the patch?

Design Director of

Studio Robert Gallerani talks to streamer MrLlamaSC about the upcoming 2.4 patch, potential changes, and features in this week’s livestream.

  • When: Thursday, December 16, 8:00 p.m.

* Where: In the (MrLlamaSC Twitch Channel)

Class Balance Changes

The last patch that tweaked Diablo 2’s balance was over eleven years ago. With patch 2.4. The developers of the remaster are now daring to introduce changes that could turn the gameplay upside down for longtime fans.

But do not worry: “No existing classes or constructs will be spawned!” says Robert Galleranie, Studio Design Director at Vicarious Visions. “We know that people love the Hammerdin, for example, and we’re not going to take it away from them.” Instead, the patch aims to allow for other builds that didn’t have enough room to thrive in classic Diablo 2.

“Our goal is to say to the players ‘Oh, do you want to play this way? Yes, of course, you can do it, “adds Robert. In this way, Diablo fans should have more freedom to design their builds in the future, as well as to access skills that were not worth it before.

For the first time in over eleven years, the developers of Diablo 2: Risen are adjusting class balance.

The developers have not yet revealed what these changes will look like in concrete terms. However, they give the first clues about what patch 2.4 could bring. for individual classes:


For the agile amazon, the devs still see potential to improve melee abilities by adjusting her synergies. At the same time, certain abilities of the bow and crossbow will be adjusted to improve ranged combat in the more difficult levels.


Here the developers want to highlight the construction of martial arts. To do this, they are studying how the generation and distribution of the combined points can be improved. Changes such as synergies will also be introduced to trap abilities, giving players more incentive to try trap builds.


The barbarian is supposed to have more variations in his combat abilities with patch 2.4. Additionally, you need to optimize your throwing bar builds, for example by upgrading your Double Throw or Throw Mastery skills.


The developers still see a lot of room for improvement, especially in the druid’s fire abilities. Thus, spell delay, physical damage, and synergies are being examined for possible improvements. In addition, other elemental abilities that have not been sufficiently used by players so far will also be improved. Arctic Wind control also needs to be improved. Also, you have to adapt the summoning skills, especially in the difficult levels. In this context, the developers are looking into new synergies, bonus health per level up, damage, and quality of life improvements. Lastly, the advertising bear ability is also going to be reworked.

Patch 2.4 should allow more freedom in creating builds.  Buildings that weren't worth it in classic Diablo 2 will be made more attractive again thanks to optimizations.
Patch 2.4 should allow more freedom in creating builds. Buildings that weren’t worth it in classic Diablo 2 will be made more attractive again thanks to optimizations.

Summoner of the dead

In the Necromancer, the developers want to focus on summons that are not used very often by players. So skeleton mages need to improve and golems need to be more effective. Also, bone skills need to be optimized for higher difficulty levels. To do this, synergies will be improved.


According to the developers, players do not use all of the Paladin’s abilities. Less used skills like Sky Fist should be more appealing. Also, paladin’s offensive aura should be optimized, close range AoE damage should be more effective. The Thorns skill will also be upgraded to deal more damage at higher levels.


For the Mage, the developers see potential to buff armor skills to bring more variety to Ice Armor, Chill Armor, and Frost Armor. The new skill synergies should also ensure that players experiment more with lightning builds. Rarely used fire abilities like the Hydra should also be optimized. Finally, the handling of the Inferno ability is going to be improved so that the combat stops being so clunky.

New runic words

“We have a lot of new rune words planned,” says the game’s lead producer, Matthew Cederquist. The developers want to introduce them to the ladder little by little. “In one season there will be perhaps two new rune words, and in the next there will be three more.”

At the end of a season, ladder characters become non-ladder characters and take all items earned. Three additional tabs will open in the chest with all the ladder items. However, this does not mean that players suddenly have more storage space, but rather that items can only be taken out of these three tabs, but nothing can be stored in them. “This is how you get ladder-exclusive items in the non-ladder game,” adds Robert Gallerani.

The new runewords are intended to help fill in the gaps in rune distribution in classic Diablo 2, according to Matthew Cederquist: “We found that a lot of runes, like stealth, were designed for the early game. In addition, there are runes that become especially important in the later stages of the game. And there’s a gap in the middle: around level 40 to 60.”

In the future, however, the developers don’t want to just plug this gap: the new runewords should also include more classes and builds that were previously disadvantaged, according to Matthew Cederquist.

The Staircase in Diablo 2: Risen.

Just like in the classic Diablo 2, in Diablo 2: Resurrected you can choose from four modes on the ladder:

standard ladder

The casual version of the ladder with four acts.

ladder of strength

The hardcore (one life) version of the ladder with four acts.

Standard expansion ladder

The casual version of the ladder with five acts, as it includes the Lord of Destruction expansion.

hard expansion ladder

The hardcore (one life) version of the ladder with five acts, as it includes the Lord of Destruction expansion.
There is no information about the start of the Staircase in D2R yet. The length of the seasons is also unclear. We will keep you informed in our roundup article:

Diablo 2 and Resurrected: What is the Ladder and how does it work in 2021?

Mercenary Changes

Even the mercenaries will not leave empty handed. In addition to the additional runes, they will receive some revisions with patch 2.4, which should make especially sloppy mercenaries interesting for players again.

The developers are aware that most Diablo fans prefer the children of the desert from the second act, as they support the player with strong auras. “We haven’t touched those mercenaries either,” explains Robert Gallerani. “But we want there to be more reasons for players to turn to other mercenaries in certain situations.”

The developers also want to bring more variety to the mercenaries.
The developers also want to bring more variety to the mercenaries.

As an example, Matthew Cederquist cites the barbarians from Act 5: “Players haven’t really been able to get anything out of these mercenaries for 20 years. Based on the feedback we’re getting from testers, we’ve now added screams to barbarian mercenaries, for example.”

The developers cannot guarantee whether these changes will ultimately be adopted in exactly the same way for the release of patch 2.4. They are currently testing many things, talking to streamers and testers and waiting for the reaction of the players from the PTR, which is already planned for early 2022.

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