DHF cases increase, this is carried out by the Buleleng Health Office

The Buleleng Health Office monitors PSN and fogging activities in Pamaron Village, Buleleng District.

BULELENG – The trend of increasing cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Buleleng Regency has received serious attention from the Buleleng Regency Government. In addition to intensifying socialization and education to the community by involving Diskominfosanti, the Buleleng Regency Government through the ranks of the Health Office and Puskesmas has also intensified the Mosquito Nest Eradication Movement (PSN) and Fooging.

“There is a trend of increasing cases of dengue fever in Buleleng, as of January 20, 2022 as many as 106 cases, the most in Buleleng District reaching 53 cases, we respond by carrying out PSN and Foging activities,” said Head of the Health Service (Kadinkes) Buleleng, Sucipta, Friday (21/1/2022) morning after monitoring PSN and Fogging activities in Pamaron Village, Buleleng District.

The Head of the Health Office Sucipto accompanied by the Head of Health Promotion Gede Suratanaya and the Head of the Buleleng II Public Health Center, Anturan Ni Luh Sustemy, emphasized that PSN activities were carried out by all levels of the Puskesmas together with local community members to eradicate the Aides agypty mosquito larvae.

“Efforts to prevent the spread of dengue are to cultivate Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS) and maintain environmental cleanliness through the 3M Movement, draining water reservoirs, closing water reservoirs and burying used goods that can hold water as a medium for the growth of Aides Agypty mosquito larvae,” he said.

PHBS and PSN with the 3M Movement as a whole and by every member of the community must be carried out because fooging only kills or repels adult mosquitoes at the locus of dengue infection.

In line with the Head of the Buleleng Health Office, Ni Luh Sustemy as the Head of the Buleleng II Anturan Health Center admitted that there was an increasing trend of dengue cases in the Buleleng District. “One of them is in Pemaron Village, there are eight people in one family who have tested positive for DHF and are currently still in intensive care at Buleleng Hospital,” he said.

From the results of location searches conducted, dengue cases were experienced by families whose environment was clean and even had a clean and healthy lifestyle. “It should be suspected that the spread of DHF by mosquitoes came from outside the house, the surrounding environment was not clean, there was a place to keep pigs, and a pool in the house that was not occupied. In addition to fogging, we also invite village officials and the community to make prevention efforts through PSN and the 3M Movement,” he concluded. (kar,dha)

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