Sport DFB and Infront: Sticky proximity

DFB and Infront: Sticky proximity


Bribery? Hard to say where the border is, you can’t go. The red line between greasy and dirty, unheard of and illegal. To draw such lines, is better left to prosecutors. Therefore, only the facts. In terms of DFB and his long-time marketer Infront for advertising.

Firstly, In the same month, the Secretary-General Helmut Sandrock a contract for the DFB signed a million contract to Infront forgave, got his son a job at Infront. Secondly, While the DFB, Infront of a further million contract negotiated, was President Wolfgang Niersbach to a luxury party of Günter Netzer on a yacht in the Mediterranean sea invite. Netzer was Executive Director at Infront.

As to be expected, there are the facts, and the impression you convey, the usual dick of denials: father Sandrock wants nothing to do with the job for his son had Niersbach to you only as a friend to be a private invitation from Netzer have accepted; both have not had the slightest with the orders to Infront.

The old leadership has understood nothing

But whether these explanations can refute the accusation of corruption, more or less, you a: How little the old DFB guide to today, realized show. Of clean business practices. Of things not to do if one protects the honour of an Association, and not his own advantage.

Niersbach, Sandrock, Netzer, you have to pay once again did nothing wrong, nothing at all. So as the summer fairy-tale affair, the alleged purchased German world Cup in 2006, the Niersbach took the Job as President, and in the Netzer a controversial role.

The new DFB guide to President Fritz Keller and the Secretary-General Friedrich Curtius now finally something right. When it became clear that Infront of secretly advertising cut to the gang, and the time gained was double purchased, a mouse, the tip is not played in a conventional DFB-fashion, with the Swiss to bury the Problem still. They commissioned a consulting company to all contracts with Infront rise clinically clean apart.

Why got Infront constantly orders from the DFB? Why failed to a competitor, even though he is supposed to have up to 18 million euros more? Why the Marketing people were in the DFB, almost servile, when it came to desires of the partner? The consultants found possible reasons. They came on expensive gifts for DFB-people from the second link, you stumbled across the site for the Sandrock-son, they were disturbed at the exclusive birthday party of Netzer on the Côte d’azur, where friend Niersbach was invited and sometimes Arm-in-Arm with Netzer posed.

So cheap it is to believe that with a gift watch the DFB-page danced already to the tune of Infront, so other-worldly, the presumption of corruption begin there in the first place, where something in return is taken but. Greasy conditions start with proximity, with additions, with discussions that don’t get competitors.

A DFB-President who can call, as applicants for an order at any time, because you just crossed with him through the Mediterranean, or a Secretary-General who does not hang up the handset, because it has just hired his son, fresh from the Uni way – this is just the start of what could be at the end of corruption. Anyone who can’t see that, don’t want to see, because he is more important than the office he holds.

The DFB’s new leadership now wants to look but appears to be – by attack. This is consistent: For the detection of corruption, the hurdle may be high, therefore, should take care of that is why prosecutors. To ruin the reputation of the DFB, but it is not sufficient alone, sticky, close. Be clear, has this taken care of now, the DFB itself.

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