Sport Detention at Werder Bremen: Florian Kohfeldt criticizes his team!

Detention at Werder Bremen: Florian Kohfeldt criticizes his team!


Werder Bremen lost the catch-up game in the Bundesliga against Eintracht Frankfurt with 0: 3. Coach Florian Kohfeldt criticized his team after the bankruptcy. The follow-up report of the DeichStube *.

Bremen – The agonizing questions naturally came up, and they never left. They hovered over all the sweaty heads in the cabin of the SV Werder Bremen. Where the hell had attention and activity suddenly gone in the second half? And how was it actually possible to lose this game that had been open for so long in the end?

“The players talked about the fact that the second half was inexplicable for them,” said Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt shortly after the bitter 0-3 home defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt. There were no quick answers, which is why Kohfeldt has a kind night detention ordered. “I said that they have to say their opinion and not everyone should go home individually now. The players were in the stadium longer than usual, and that’s a good thing. ”

Werder Bremen coach Florian Kohfeldt: “It was a setback but not a knockout”

After the break, almost nothing had been good in the Bremen game against Frankfurt, which not only brought Werder’s recent upswing to an abrupt end, but also brought to light well-known problems that were finally believed to be overcome. “It was a setback, but not a knockout,” said Kohfeldt, which in itself sounded somewhat conciliatory. However, other statements by the coach made it clear that he had expected a lot more from his team.

After all, this was Make-up game against Eintracht Frankfurt was a great chance it would have been a real bonus game in the fight for the Relegation can become what it did not become. Would be with a win Werder Bremen Tables-16. and would have put enormous pressure on the competitors from Düsseldorf and Mainz – scenarios for which only the subjunctive remained in the end.

Werder Bremen: Florian Kohfeldt criticizes his team – and takes responsibility for the players

After a decent to good first half, something suddenly broke in the Bremen game, hard to say what exactly. The consequences were all the more clear to see. “Unfortunately, there was not much left of what had distinguished us in the three games before,” complained Florian Kohfeldtwho, unlike in the games against Schalke (1-0), Gladbach (0-0) and Freiburg (1-0), missed the following: “Working together against the ball all the time and believing aggressively in a plan.” Result : In the end, it wasn’t the hosts who cared, but the Frankfurt ones Andre Silva (60.) and Stefan Ilsanker (81./90.) For the cornerstones of an overall average Bundesliga game.

“We are outnumbered by all goals conceded. In the last half hour not everyone has done what we discussed. That is not possible, because then we will not make it. We will have to talk about that because it is also about personal responsibility, ”Kohfeldt was annoyed about his defense. To make matters worse two more times Standard situations what had long been a sad running gag on the Weser had been overcome. Very similar to that of the blunted attack. “Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge that we currently don’t have the players who hang in and score a goal. As a team, we always need a plan so that we can create goals. Solving it on individual things will not work, ”emphasized the trainer SV Werder Bremen, who did not want to deny the following things to his team: “mentality and passion.”

Werder Bremen: “Relegation place is still possible, as is direct rescue”

As many times in the current season, the Bremen team is now faced with the task of having to overcome a setback. The sixth in the table will be guest on Sunday VfL Wolfsburg from 1.30 p.m. in Weser Stadium. “We have no time to mourn the Frankfurt game for a long time,” said Florian Kohfeldt, who, despite all the disappointment with the performance in the second half, switched back to combat mode late on Wednesday evening: “Nothing is lost. We play against that descent and not about Europe. There are defeats that have to be processed well, because that is a big key in the relegation battle. ”

That Werder Bremen is basically able to cope with setbacks, the team showed after the 1-4 against Leverkusen. “We can handle it,” said sports director Frank Baumann. And further: “Yes, we missed a great chance against Frankfurt, everyone can read the table. But there are still five games left. The Relegation place is still possible, just like that direct rescue. ”For this – and that should have been clear to all players during the night’s re-sitting on Wednesday – there must be a lot more from now on. (dco)

To the game report:

Relegation battle: Werder Bremen breaks into Eintracht Frankfurt

Bremen – The bonus game didn’t bring a bonus because of the SV Werder Bremen is simply too weak on the offensive and is no longer zero after three games without conceding a goal In the catch-up game against Eintracht Frankfurt it set an unnecessary and in the end rather painful 0: 3 (0: 0) home defeat on Wednesday evening.

After a not only good first half, the Bremen attacked offensive too much and slept in the goals against Andre Silva (60.) and Stefan Ilsanker (81./90.). The defeat is a major setback in the battle for the Relegation. Werder not only missed the jump to the relegation site, but also worsened the goal difference. With five games remaining, everything is still possible.

Werder Bremen with a surprising lineup against Eintracht Frankfurt

Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt had with his Lineup everyone surprised – maybe even his own team. Despite the 1-0 win at Schalke, there were four changes, two quite prominent ones: goalscorer Leonardo Bittencourt had to be on the bench just like star strikers Milot Rashica. Both, however, had also returned from the Ruhr area, stricken.

“They are operational, but not for 70, 80 minutes,” Kohfeldt explained before the game, but didn’t want to complain. Josh Sargent and Sebastian Langkamp also lost their place. The recently suspended Milos Veljkovic, Yuya Osako, Davie Selke and indeed Fin Bartels, who had not started since his Achilles tendon tear in December 2017, were added to the team. “Fin is very hot,” said a grinning Kohfeldt.

Werder Bremen against Eintracht Frankfurt: pure relegation battle

And the coach hadn’t promised too much, although Bartel’s first action may not have pleased him. For the rude foul on Mijat Gacinovic, Patrick Ittrich’s yellow was justified after two (!) Minutes. The referee from Hamburg was a tough challenge, because the 22 professionals on the pitch had a lot of fun. Frankfurt’s Martin Hinteregger came next against Maximilian Eggestein and also got yellow (14th). That was Relegation battle pure.

After a good Frankfurt chance from Andre Silva, which defused Jiri Pavlenka, came Werder Bremen getting better into the game, that was also due to the playful Osako. The strong Davy Klaassen failed with his deflected shot on the strongly reacting Kevin Trapp (15th), even the somewhat unfortunate Selke could not overcome the Eintracht keeper from an acute angle (23rd).

Werder Bremen: VAR checks – no penalty against Eintracht Frankfurt

Great excitement in the 35th minute: The Handball of Frankfurt’s David Abraham in the penalty area would be from Video Referee (VAR) would have been punished with a penalty if Klaassen had not previously been sidelined. A millimeter decision in the Cologne basement – a correct one because of Klaassen’s hoe.

Shortly before the break, the warned Hinteregger was lucky that he did not have to leave the court with his traffic light card for his follow-up against Theodor Gebre Selassie. Ittrich left it with a warning. Happiness for unity.

Andre Silva scores 1-0 for Eintracht Frankfurt in a 3-0 win against Werder Bremen.

© dpa / pool

Werder Bremen: Andre Silva meets for Eintracht Frankfurt

After less than an hour it was really turbulent. Dominik Kohr met for the guests, but his foot was offside and the video assistant looked closely (58.). In the 60th minute, however, the help from Cologne did not come to Bremen. The 1: 0 from Andre Silvawho had hit a head after a Kostic cross counted.

Hasebe’s foul on Osako, which had previously led to the Frankfurt ball win in midfield, was subsequently unpunished. Much to the annoyance of Kohfeldt, who raged on the edge of the field. Back to the goal: Gebre Selassie could have prevented the cross, just like Niklas Moisander and Marco Friedl the header. An annoying one Conceded for Bremeners who had defended so attentively until then.

At Werder Bremen nothing works in the end – Frankfurt increases

Werder Bremen changed immediately, for Selke and Bartels came Sargent and Rashica. But the next chance had Gacinovic, whose shot just passed the Bremen goal after a fine solo (72nd). As much as Werder tried, there was hardly anything to go forward. opportunities? Absolutely in short supply! Kohfeldt reacted again. Brought Leonardo Bittencourt and Ludwig Augustinsson for Osako and Friedl (76th) in the 76th minute. Bittencourt tried it from a distance, but the ball landed in the east curve (79th).

Then it was Frankfurt’s substitute Stefan Ilsanker much better: With his first contact with the ball, he marked the 2-0 (81st). Bittencourt had slept after a corner. When 3: 0 Ilsanker then scored after a free-kick cross (90.). That too Standard problem have the Bremen again – and that could in Relegation battle alongside the offensive weakness. On Sunday Werder not only have to fight against VfL Wolfsburg as well as against Frankfurt, but also attack more dangerously and defend better with standards. (knee)

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Frankfurt: the live ticker for reading

10:24 p.m .: End of working day! Referee Ittrich whistles the game. In the end, the Bremeners lose very clearly with 0: 3 against the guests from Frankfurt. Because of the second half, the victory is okay for the Adler. In the decisive scenes, the men of Adi Hütter were more present and were able to score the goals.

90. + 5 min: The last minute is running.

90. + 3 min: Frankfurt takes out the next corner.

90. + 2 min: A sobering game for the green-whites. Despite great effort, there is a substantial defeat for better or worse.

90. + 1 min: The Bremen team still has five minutes.

90.Min: And again it is Ilsanker who hits according to another standard. He can head too far against Pavlenka to 0: 3.

90 min: The last minute of regular time is running. How many minutes are left for the green-whites?

88 min: De Guzman can try the free kick directly and takes out the next corner, which he brings in himself.

88 min: De Guzman is allowed on the field for the last few minutes, Gacinovic goes for him.

87 min: Veljkovic puts the body in against Sow and sees yellow.

86 min: If Werder wants to keep a point on the Weser, the connection goal has to be found. But at the moment it doesn’t seem like they can still put that punch.

84 min: Augustinsson tries out from the third row with a mixture of despair and anger – clearly above Trapp’s chest.

83 min: Kohfeldt wants to bring fresh offensive power. Woltemade replaces Vogt.

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Frankfurt in the live ticker: Ilsanker hits with the first ball contact

81.Min: That doesn’t exist! Ilsanker hits directly with the first ball contact. Kostic’s corner is extended by Dost, so Ilsanker only has to keep his foot clean. 0: 2 from the Bremen perspective.

81st Min: And the next change on the part of the Frankfurt. Rode is finished, Ilsanker replaces him.

80.Min: Augustinsson clears before Sow to the corner.

79 min: At least a degree. Bittencourt tries it immediately after Gebre Selassie is put down – clearly above.

76 min: Next double change at Werder: Friedl leaves, Augustinsson replaces him. Bittencourt comes for Osako. Adi Hütter also changes twice. Dost comes into the match for Kamada. Sow also plays for Silva.

75 min: Werder doesn’t give up. Moisander tries to storm forward, but loses the ball. Kostic has plenty of time and space to cross again. Toure comes rushing from the back room, who cannot properly process the ball with his head.

72 min: What a scene from Gacinovic. The fine technician nibbles three opponents and is suddenly free in the penalty area. His low shot is just next to the right post.

70 min: Hinteregger can get up again very slowly.

69 min: It would have been almost dangerous! After a long throw-in, the ball comes to Gebre Selassie, who cannot assert himself against Hinteregger and Kohr. The two Frankfurters collide unhappily when trying to clarify. Hinteregger is bleeding in the face.

67 min: Rashica takes out the next corner for his team.

65 min: The tour naturally plays into the cards for the guests, who will draw up the next attack via Silva and Kostic. The latter is allowed to flank again and is looking for Kamada this time, but he can’t get to the round synthetic leather.

62 min: Now the Bremen team is challenged! The green-whites were actually the better team, but now they are suddenly behind. What else is going on for Florian Kohfeldt’s men?

61 min: Kohfeldt reacts with a change and brings Sargent for Selke and Rashica for Bartels.

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Frankfurt in the live ticker: Silva puts Werder behind

60.Min: goal for Eintracht Frankfurt! For the first time in the game Kostic is allowed to cross and finds Silva, who prevails against Friedl. Frankfurt striker heads to 1: 0 from Eintracht’s perspective.

59.Min: Again a scene for the VAR! Moisander tries to clarify and shoots Toure on the applied hand. From there the ball jumps to Kohr and he shoots it in. The Frankfurt, however, is razor-thin in the offside.

55 min: Osako pulls a foul in the half field against Toure.

52 min: Frankfurt is picking up speed. Kamada drives the ball on the left wing to the baseline, briefly lifts his head and looks for Silva in the middle. However, the cross is played too imprecisely in the back of the penalty area. Moisander is careful.

49 min: The guests slowly feel their way into the opposing half. Kohr has too much space and time a good 20 meters in front of the box – but doesn’t know what to do with it. The cross does not pose any problems for Moisander and Veljkovic.

47.Min: The passes are still too imprecise. Osako tries to send Klaassen down, but the steep pass gets longer and longer.

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Frankfurt in the live ticker: kick off at halftime two!

46 min: It continues with half time two. This time the guests start.

9:25 pm: Werder had a little more of the game at half time. The home side can definitely build on the performance. We can’t wait to see what this relegation thriller has in store for us.

9:19 p.m .: With a 0-0 we say goodbye to the break. In a highly competitive game, the green-whites always tried to control the game. It almost never became really dangerous. Minute 11 tested Silva Pavlenka. Klaassen (15th minute) and Selke (23rd minute) also tried their luck against Trapp – without success. Frankfurt can also take a deep breath: Referee Patrick Ittrich left the second card for a hard entry from Hinteregger, who had already been warned against yellow.

9:18 pm: Halftime! It goes into the cabin without a break.

45. + 3 min: Bartels shortly before the break with a good conclusion. After a header from Osako, Bartels laid the ball nicely on the right flap and thus past Hinteregger. However, his attempt is too central to Trapp’s box.

45. + 1 min: Rode slips into Veljkovic’s back from behind – foul.

45. + 1 min: There is a three minute lookup at half time.

45 min: Veljkovic has to get out of the center onto the outside track. There he can only stop his opponent Silva by foul.

43 min: Hinteregger, already warned with yellow, leaves his leg against a corner against Gebre Selassie. The referee warns the defender again.

42 min: A few offensive actions would go well with the game.

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Frankfurt in the live ticker: A lot of duels, few goal space scenes

40.Min: Kamada cleverly puts the ball into Kostic’s run, who, however, cannot overcome Bremen’s last line of defense. Well defended by the green-whites!

40.Min: The referee has not had an easy game so far.

37 min: In Cologne they are currently drawing virtual offside lines. Klaassen wanted to assert Abraham in the penalty area, the latter could only help himself by hand on the ball. Referee Ittrich gets the signal from Cologne and decides to be offside!

35 min: Bremen is committed to the initiative in the match. You can tell the green-whites that they absolutely want the threesome.

33 min: Friedl’s corner comes very sharp in the middle, but Hinteregger’s head is there.

33 min: Osako tries to get the ball on Hasebe. The veteran, however, is no joke and clears uncompromisingly to the corner.

31.min: The green-whites try to calm the game down a bit and keep the ball in their own ranks. A long pass in depth cannot be processed by Selke.

29 min: Both Werder and Eintracht from Frankfurt afford to lose the ball too often.

27.min: Werder tries his luck on the offensive. The last pass is usually too imprecise.

23 min: Finally Selke can bring herself into a final situation. Bartels sends his storm colleague down. Hasebe cannot put it, so the striker tests Trapp again.

21.min: Kostic tries to find Kamada in the five-meter space with a cross, but the cross is too imprecise. No danger to the Bremen team.

18.Min: Referee Patrick Ittrich must continue to intervene in many scenes. There are always minor fouls on both sides. A game flow is difficult.

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Frankfurt in the live ticker: Silva tests Pavlenka, Klaassen tests Trapp

15 minutes: First good chance for the green-whites. Klaassen grabs a ball that Osako thought was already lost and pulls shortly before the edge of the box. Slightly deflected, the ball is really difficult to hold. Trapp makes really long and directs the ball to the corner.

14.Min: And now there is the next warning. Frankfurt’s Hinteregger leaves his leg on the middle line against Maxi Eggestein. Yellow is correct.

11.min: The first nice attack of the game. Frankfurt’s Silva is staged and tests Pavlenka with a low shot. Werder’s number one is wide awake and prevents the backlog.

10.Min: The home side have no problems with the standard situation.

9.min: Kostic takes out the first corner of the game.

7.Min: A real game flow is not yet recognizable. The duel event shapes the event.

5.Min: Neither team gives themselves an inch of space. Here is really fought for every spot of green.

2.Min: Slightly over-motivated – Bartels stretches sideways into Gacinovic and unfortunate hits Frankfurter’s ankle. Consequently, there is yellow for Bartels!

2.Min: In the first two minutes, the Frankfurt team are very aggressive. The guests attack the ball-carrying player extremely early and want to cause quick ball losses.

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Frankfurt in the live ticker: kick off!

1.Min: And finally the referee whistles the game. Frankfurt can start!

8:27 pm: The teams step onto the lawn.

8:25 p.m .: Just under five minutes until the ball rolls. We are hot for the kick-off!

8.15 p.m .: “Hope was never with us,” Werder’s trainer Florian Kohfeldt explains to Sky colleagues. “We know that we have to fight for the league by the 34th matchday.” The Green-Whites coach expects the same galliness as from previous games. The route should be clear.

8.10 p.m .: The teams use the last minutes before the kick-off to bring themselves to the right temperature.

8.05 p.m .: If the green-whites leave the field today as winners, they would leave the direct relegation ranks for the first time since February.

8.02pm: It will be exciting to see how Werder’s new outfit will present itself.

8:01 p.m .: Friends, not even 30 minutes and the round synthetic leather rolls on the Weser.

19:56: The referee must not be missing wherever there is field work. Referee Patrick Ittrich is supported by his colleagues Sascha Thielert and Norbert Grudzinski on the sidelines. Florian Heft appears as the fourth official, while Sascha Stegemann and Frederick Assmuth sit down as VAR in the Cologne video cellar.

19:52: As such, Florian Kohfeldt’s men should go into the match with a good tailwind. After all, the Bremen team got a strong seven points from the past three games. And what you shouldn’t forget. There was no (!) Goal. Nevertheless, the home side should be careful not to act too cocky. You should be particularly careful with standards. Frankfurt’s Martin Hinteregger is feared across the league for his good header game. Captain Moisander and Co. must be on guard.

7.49 p.m .: So that it works today with the so important three points, Coach Kohfeldt whirled through his series of attacks. Completely new storm: three games to zero, but only scored two goals. Maybe that’s why Florian Kohfeldt changed his entire storm. Davie Selke, Yuya Osako and Fin Bartels are happy to prove that they are more dangerous than Milot Rashica, Leonardo Bittencourt and Josh Sargent. Or did Bittencourt (hip) and Rashica (thigh) get worse at Schalke than the coach wanted to admit? After all, both are sitting on the bench and are therefore “operational”, as Kohfeldt said in the press conference the day before the game.

7.47 p.m .: Guests from the banking metropolis of Frankfurt are even better positioned. The Adler are currently in 12th place with a win for 1. FC Köln.

7.43 p.m .: Let’s take a look at the table: With a threesome, Werder can definitely pass Fortuna Düsseldorf and displace the relegation rank. If the green-whites are also in a good mood, they could displace the 1. FSV Mainz 05 from 15th place in the table. The anticipated 90 minutes bring us certainty.

7.40 p.m .: Back to the starting home team. Warning, goosebumps danger: Fin Bartels is in the starting eleven of SV Werder for the first time in 907 days. At that time, on December 9, 2017, he had torn his Achilles tendon in Dortmund. After that, there were always setbacks due to injuries. Now he should shoot Werder from a relegation zone.

7:37 pm: The game Werder against Frankfurt has been a long time coming. Actually scheduled for March 1st, the match had to be postponed because the Europa League game of the Adler was moved one day to the end. And with the Corona break coming in, we are now coming together this evening to hopefully celebrate the next victory for the Bremen team.

7:35 p.m .: Four changes in the starting eleven – Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt really surprised everyone. Against Frankfurt he even leaves the match winner of the past few weeks, Leonardo Bittencourt on the bench. The winning scorer against Freiburg and Schalke is also struck. The same applies to Milot Rashica, who is also sitting on the bench. Compared to the Schalke game, Josh Sargent and Sebastian Langkamp can also be found there. For them, Milos Veljkovic, Yuya Osako, Davie Selke and Fin Bartels are starting.

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Frankfurt in the live ticker: the lineups are here!

7:32 pm: The guests from Frankfurt can also not be asked twice. Here comes the lineup of concord. Trapp – Hinteregger, Hasebe, Abraham – Kostic, Rode, Kohr, Toure – Gacinovic, Kamada, Silva.

7:31 pm: Kapino, Augustinsson, Rashica, Bittencourt, Langkamp, ​​Sargent, Groß, Woltemade, Bargfrede take a seat on the Bremer Bank.

7.30 p.m .: As good hosts, the green-whites do not, of course, keep us waiting. Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt initially trusted these eleven men. Pavlenka, Gebre Selassie, Veljkovic, Moisander, Friedl – Vogt, Klaassen, Eggestein, Osako – Selke, Bartels:

7.20 p.m .: Moin friends! We warmly welcome you to the catch-up game Werder Bremen against Eintracht Frankfurt welcome! We are about to start with the lineups of both teams.

Preliminary report on Werder Bremen against Eintracht Frankfurt:

“We have to!” – For Werder Bremen, only one win counts in the catch-up game against Eintracht Frankfurt

It was only a slight consolation, at most, and they really wanted to accept him Werder Bremen Not at the end of February either, because the anger about the recently canceled home game was against Eintracht Frankfurt way too fresh and way too big. The preliminary report of DeichStube *.

Bremen – That just said Bundesliga game of the SV Werder Bremen against Eintracht Frankfurt at some point and under certain circumstances, could possibly be an advantage in the relegation battle, at that time, a good three months ago, it seemed very far away and far-fetched. In the meantime, that is exactly what has happened, or rather: Werder has worked out exactly that.

Due to the good to good appearances in the past weeks, which resulted in seven points from three games, the team of Trainer Florian Kohfeldt managed to turn the catch-up game against Frankfurt into a real bonus game. With a win Werder Bremen finally leave the relegation zone and at least on the Relegation place climb.

Werder Bremen: “Must win to stay in the fight for relegation”

“We’re still behind and we have to do everything we can to win this game, to stay in the fight for relegation,” said Kohfeldt, who recently emphasized that it was only for his team this season Endgames there. In the finals against Freiburg (1-0), Gladbach (0-0) and Schalke (1-0) had Werder Bremen well presented recently. Against the Hessians, it should be empty (almost) on Wednesday evening from 8.30 p.m. Weser Stadium go on like this. Eintracht coach Adi Hütter had already determined (and also publicly announced) that the Bremen team was “under pressure” before the game. Kohfeldt’s smug replica: “He’s right, but we’ve been under pressure for at least four games. We already know how to deal with the situation. “

In general, the Bremen coach expects a very physical game, which means: many duels and fierce duels. “The Concord is a team that comes with a lot of force, ”says Kohfeldt. And in his eyes she is a team with the Relegation battle has nothing to do. With their 32 points, the Frankfurt team are only five points ahead of 16th, but Kohfeldt holds their ability to win at the right moment (as was the case last time in the 2-1 win in Wolfsburg) and their football quality: “With Silva, Kamada, Rode, Hasebe and Kostic have extremely good footballers, and one Bas Dost Giving even a millimeter of space in the penalty area is a pretty stupid idea. ”

Werder Bremen against Eintracht Frankfurt: the first of six finals!

Werder’s defense is likely to be a lot of work (again). Most recently, the team remained in clean sheets three times in a row, what Florian Kohfeldt but does not want to be explained with a new wall tactic: “There is no change in the route. Sure at the back, and God will not help at the front. ”What could or should be tonight is a jump in the table, even if the coach says:“ For me, the table is not important at the moment. The important thing is that we get points. “

Head of sport Frank Baumann knows that a streak like the one Werder Bremen has just started cautiously can release new strength. “The mental state plays an important role in sport. The experience that things can be implemented positively helps us. “It has to. Because a lot cannot go wrong during the remaining finals. Especially not in the suddenly so valuable Werder vs Eintracht Frankfurt bonus game. “For us there is no longer a network, no double bottom”, says Kohfeldt before he gets to the point in just two words: “We have to!” (Dco)

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