Entertainment details of Shepelev's personal life are revealed

details of Shepelev’s personal life are revealed


Interesting details of the personal life of the TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev are discussed by the community. The fact is that after his statement about leaving the First Channel, the person of the TV presenter became the most talked about.

It turned out that before the relationship with Zhanna Friske, Shepelev had a wife with whom he was legally married.

In the 90s in Belarus was a very popular show “5×5”. It was here that Shepelev met his wife Anna Startseva (Tabolina) while participating in the program. After a rather lengthy affair in 2005, Dmitry and Anna got married, after which he left for Kiev to work on a new project on Ukrainian TV.

Anna is now 37 years old. She stayed in Minsk and successfully married a second time. Spouses raise two children.

Correspondent newspapers “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Anna said that they hadn’t talked with Dmitry since he began to live with Zhanna Friske, with whom the TV presenter had the most vivid romance. After the birth of their son Plato, Dmitry and Zhanna planned to get married, but their plans were interrupted by the tragic death of the singer.

Now Dmitry has one more love – architect and designer Ekaterina Tulupova. The couple brings up two children – the son of Dmitry and Jeanne Plato and the daughter of Catherine. Until they plan to get married.

how reported Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, just a few days ago Shepelev quit from Channel One. So far, he has not announced his new job.

February 21, 2020



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