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Injured man in hospital with severe traumatic brain injury

Aggressive driver severely beat a passerby for remark / screenshot

The man who was severely beaten driver because of the remark, is in the hospital. The victim was finished off when he was already unconscious on the pavement.

This is stated in plot 2+2.

A Toyota car was parked right in front of the entrance to a residential complex on the left bank of Kiev. A man passing by approached the driver and asked to rearrange the car. The driver, as eccentric, jumped out of the car and began to beat a passerby.

Another driver interceded for the injured man, who just at that time drove into the yard. He literally saved his neighbor, who was already knocked unconscious on the pavement.

The aggressive man was calmed down, after which the witnesses called the doctors and law enforcement officers. The patrolmen did not arrest the attacker, they stood and left. The victim was hospitalized.

“He was taken to the hospital. They examined him and said that his father had a bruise and swelling of the brain. He was punctured so that his head would not hurt so much. He was sick. He was very ill,” the daughter of the victim said.

Beating due to remark – what is known

The incident occurred on Friday, January 14, at about 11:30 near one of the residential buildings on the street. Abolmasov in the Dnieper district of Kiev.

Inhabitant of said house made a remark to the owner of the car Toyota Land Cruiser Prado due to improper parking. In response, the latter hit the man on the head several times, then knocked him to the ground and continued to hit him.

Illegal actions were stopped by a random witness. The victim, who received an open craniocerebral injury as a result of the beating, was hospitalized.

Read alsoA gas station was on fire in Kremenchuk: a minibus crashed into a gas tank (photo report, video)At the same time, patrol officers who arrived at the scene did not detain the SUV driver. Subsequently he was detained by the Kiev police.

The detainee was a resident of the Kiev region, born in 1997. He was informed of suspicion under Part 1 of Art. 121 of the Criminal Code (“deliberate grievous bodily injury”).

January 15 Dnipro district the court chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention for a period of two months to the suspect.

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