Deputies and people in power with palaces on the Chengene scaffolding, pushing them?

The Regional Governor of Burgas Prof. Maria Neykova reported on her work for the past 7 months of the post. PHOTO: THE AUTHOR

The regional governor Prof. Maria Neykova:

The rules must be for everyone

Deputies and representatives of the executive power have houses in the fishing village of Chengene Skele near Burgas, where most of the properties are illegal. They are built on state and municipal land, without permits, said the regional governor of Burgas Prof. Maria Neykova at a meeting with the media, where he reported on his work for seven months in office. Neykova was appointed by the caretaker cabinet, and one of her priorities was illegal construction on the southern Black Sea coast. Prof. Neykova clarified that the fishermen from Chengene scaffolding, who have huts there, actually suffer because of the 2- and 3-storey illegal buildings erected in the village. And that they are looking for a way to solve the problem that has been there for years.

“If they are proven to be illegal, the buildings will most likely follow the fate of the houses in Rosenets Park.” At this stage, I expect specific information, “said the district governor.

Neykova reminded that “Rosenets” is one of the sick topics and that funds have been provided by the Council of Ministers for the demolition of two of the three illegal buildings found there. They are associated with the so-called. Ahmed Dogan’s summer barns. However, he is still wanted to demolish the buildings. The application deadline has already been extended once, and yesterday the district governor called on willing patriots, organizations or institutions to declare their intentions in the district administration.

Neykova also announced the suspension of the sale of state property in Primorsko, which would seriously damage the budget. It is a residential building with a serious adjacent area, ready to be sold at 30% of its real value. The state property was at the disposal of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Tuzar carved rocks in Sinemorets,

to make a pool

An illegal pool built on rocks by the sea in Sinemorets is another striking case discovered after inspections south of Bourgas ordered by the district governor. The pool was built on rocks – public state property, by the owner of a holiday property. The villa blocked access to the state property in which the pool was built, explained Prof. Neykova.

According to acquaintances, the mansion is located in the attractive area of ​​Polyanite.

“I have already sent an inquiry to the mayor of Tsarevo municipality. We will find out who authorized this construction. The pool will be removed, because the rules must apply to everyone, “said Neykova.

No casinos on the island

St. Kirik in Sozopol

“If anyone thinks that the destruction of the island of St. Kirik will continue to build a world casino or entertainment center – to forget about all hopes. This will not happen, “said the regional governor of Burgas.

He stressed that the islands of St. Kirik and St. Ivan are sites with great tourist potential. “We had many meetings with the Minister of Culture, with the Ambassador of France, we sent several letters to the Director-General of UNESCO. We are working towards the absorption of funds for the restoration, conservation and transformation of the island of St. Kirik in a world cultural center “, said Prof. Neykova. (24 hours)


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