Entertainment Depression, hunger, envy! Yulia Vysotskaya plagued herself because of...

Depression, hunger, envy! Yulia Vysotskaya plagued herself because of Konchalovsky’s lovers?


While the 82-year-old director “walks” on the side, his wife is trying hard to keep the marriage.

Parapsychologist Ruzhen Kuzin called the relationship between Andrei Konchalovsky and Yulia Vysotskaya a swamp. At the same time, the expert noted that most of the problems in the pair are associated with the infidelity of a man. And this upsets his wife.

But “there will be no development for the better,” Kuzin delivered her verdict to the marriage of Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya.

However, Julia does not intend to give up. “A place in the sun” is necessary for herself. The actress is trying hard to keep her youth and beauty. She practices hunger, regularly practices Nordic walking, runs, takes an ice shower. And all this in order not to grow old. But the appearance of wrinkles is inevitable.

Vysotskaya openly admitted that she was jealous of women who feel self-sufficient in any body and age. Women who accept themselves for who they are.

To such complexes, the actress, apparently, was brought by her husband’s infidelities. After all, there are no guarantees that even at 82, he will not abandon her. Konchalovsky has a rich personal life. Only Julia became his fourth official wife. But marriage is not a guarantee that the director will no longer go for a walk.

Therefore, it seems that Vysotskaya worn herself out with anti-aging procedures because of her husband’s lovers. She honestly declares that she has “brainwashed” on the theme of eternal youth. And she is sincerely afraid of aging. This is what the desire to save a marriage at any cost can bring.

Meanwhile, on the Web, Vysotskaya’s efforts are devaluing. Fans notice that in spite of all efforts, the actress looks at best in her own years. Often, it is even given a greater age.

It is possible that because of this whole situation, Julia is suffering from depression. A parapsychologist hints at this. She notes that the actress is in a state where nothing is wanted. And it seems that saving the marriage will not work. After all, even the expert chose to bypass this sensitive topic, indicating only that in limbo the couple could still live long.



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