Dennis Rodman’s awesome ritual every time he played in Boston

Mainly in history for his excesses and extra-sporty road trips, Dennis Rodman was also sometimes the author of pretty gestures. This was particularly the case when he went to Boston, according to an urban legend.

Difficult to return to the career of Dennis Rodman, and to try to summarize it without addressing the off-field aspect so determining in his image. Following his relatively smooth passage with the Detroit Bad Boys, the interior gradually received the label of a free electron, impossible to manage for a coach like the rest of his players.

It must be said that he particularly cultivated this reputation. Enter getaways to Las Vegas in high season, or appearances alongside Hulk Hogan during the NBA Finals, The Worm did not try to settle his case at all, although he did not care how the media and the general public perceived him.

But behind this borderline behavior pushed by “Mental health at risk”, Rodman was nonetheless a man with a big heart. Despite the obvious difficulty of playing with him due to his unpredictable attitude, he is often mentioned as a model teammate from its former partners.

In the same idea, an influential journalist revealed the admirable gesture that he had towards her in 1990. As you can see, Rodman’s personality was much more complex than the headlines let it appear at the time.

Where one would not necessarily suspect him of being the author of beautiful attentions, it is in Boston. Dennis was never a highly regarded person in Massachusetts, which can be easily explained. He not only ended the Celtics dynasty led by Larry Bird with his Pistons, but was also the author of a racial attack to the legend of the Garden.

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With such a summary that followed, one can understand that he wanted to make amends not following. This is what he would have tried as a player of the Bulls, according to a rumor still very persistent today in Boston. It’s Coley Mick, journalist at Barstool Sports, who recently relayed it on his Twitter account.

Legend has it on the streets of Boston that every time the Bulls came to play there, Rodman did his shopping at Toys “R” Us and brought the toys to the children’s hospital. Without cameras, without reporters.

If the rumor is true, this approach would prove to be extremely touching and commendable. However, for the time being, no confirmation of this version is to be reported, not even from the player. However, we do not see him officially revealing this gesture today, when he apparently did so in total discretion in the late 1990s.

As tradition dictates with Dennis Rodman, the vagueness remains on this urban legend. Knowing its depth of soul, one can however imagine and hope that it is based on real facts.

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