Demak Attacked by Dengue Fever, Cases Soared in December 2021

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, DEMAK – Case Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Kabupaten Demak recorded an increase since the end of 2021 then until the beginning of 2022.

From the data from the District Health Office (DKK) Demak, during December 2021 the number of patients treated was 11 people and in November 2021 as many as 9 people.

This number is more than the previous month, namely during October 2021, which only had one patient.

“This year, from the beginning to mid-January 2022, there were six patients,” said the Head of Disease Prevention and Control at the District Health Office. Demak Heri Winarno to, Monday (17/1/2022).

For Dengue Fever (DD), a disease whose grade is lower than DBD, there were 23 cases recorded in December 2021.

Meanwhile, Public Relations of the Sunan Kalijaga Hospital Demak, revealed that his party had treated as many as 39 patients who were reported to be infected DBD during December 2021.

However, Heri said that patients reported from the hospital did not necessarily experience DBD.

“To find out if the patient is infected” DBD serial platelet checks are required.

If our data is different, it could be a patient who is not registered with us, has another disease or DD,” explained Heri.

For this reason, he advised residents to maintain cleanliness.

“Prioritize to eradicate mosquito nests.

Fogging only kills adult mosquitoes, while many mosquito eggs stick to the walls of the bathroom tub or behind hanging clothes,” he urged.

According to him, the implementation of 3M alone is not enough.

“If you drain, close the tub and throw away the used things, that’s for sure.

It is hoped that in one village or one family there will be cadres who specifically monitor the emergence of the potential for breeding of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that causes dengue fever.

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