News David Wagner an "absolute stroke of luck"

David Wagner an “absolute stroke of luck”


Michael Reschke has been Technical Director at Schalke since summer. In an interview with, the squad planner talks about the work of new coach David Wagner and the fight for international places.

A lot going on at Schalke 04, The confirmed departure from Alexander Nübel to the FC Bayern and the goalkeeper question is currently heating the minds of Schalke fans. The discussion conceals the fact that S04 is above expectations this season after a devastating past season.

Fifth in the league, 30 points and thus tied with rival Borussia Dortmund: Under new coach David Wagner it runs with the miners. The German-American has given the team an offensive, attractive style of play that appeals to players and the environment.

Also new at Schalke 04 Michael Reschkewho has been responsible as technical director since summer. In an interview with t-online he talks about the season so far, what he appreciates about his coach and why he keeps his fingers crossed for Munich in a duel between his ex-clubs, Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen. Mr. Reschke, the past season was a debacle. Why has Schalke 04 been running again since summer?

Michael Reschke (62): It’s relatively easy to answer. We have a good team and a suitable coach. And also a good rest in the club. These are the key factors.

Many attribute success to new coach David Wagner. What does he different from his predecessor on Schalke?

I would not like to make cross-comparisons, that would also be inappropriate in my position. David Wagner is a coach who has a very high level of football knowledge and an extremely high level of professional competence. He knows how to lead people. This is very well received in the club and among the fans.

In success, it is also easier to have the fans on your side.

That may be true, but his way of inspiring not only the team, but the entire environment. So I can say: David Wagner is an absolute stroke of luck for Schalke 04.

Is it accommodating to Schalke that the teams in the Bundesliga are currently very close in terms of power density?

We played against the rising star Union Berlin shortly before the winter break and I can tell you: It was a mammoth task because they showed an extreme physical presence. But it’s true, the Bundesliga is extremely balanced. There will be a hard struggle for the top spots by the end of the season.

Champions Bayern Munich are weak, lost at home to their other former club Bayer Leverkusen in the first half of the season and are only third in the table.

Yes, but I would prefer Bayern to win such games too.

Out of old connection?

No, but to be honest: Bayern Munich will be ahead of Schalke 04 at the end of the season. If you then play against clubs such as Leverkusen, which are at eye level with us in a table, you are welcome to win such games.

Formerly at Bayern: Michael Reschke in conversation with former Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti. (Source: imago images / foto2press)Formerly at Bayern: Michael Reschke in conversation with former Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti. (Source: foto2press / imago images)

Schalke 04 is tied with Dortmund fifth in the table. Will the Champions League spots be tackled in the second half of the season?

I would rather bow to reality and would be incredibly happy if the team continues to play football as in the weeks before the winter break. If we remain calm and calm in the club, we will all be satisfied with the result of the season.

Another ex-club of yours, VfB Stuttgart, is currently having an extremely difficult time in the second division and recently changed the coach again. Did the development at VfB surprise you?

I follow what’s happening in Stuttgart and wish the club the best. If it were up to me, we would have at least two competitive games against them again next season. I wish you the climb.

Do you still have contact to those responsible in the association?

Yes, but it is no longer so narrow and not to everyone. Mainly to employees with whom I have worked very trustingly and closely.



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