Daughter Anouk goes to America: ‘I am so proud of you’

Phoenix is ​​one of three children that Anouk had together with Remon Stotijn (better known as Postman). Benjahmin is the oldest, Elijah (18) the middle and Phoenix the youngest. In addition, Anouk had three children with three other men, including her current fiancé Dominique Schemmekes.

In her Instagram Stories, Anouk shares the happy news of her daughter. “I’m so proud of you,” she wrote in a tweet from Phoenix. Although she is very happy for her daughter, she will undoubtedly also have a hard time with it. When her son left for America, she wrote that she was going to miss him terribly and was ‘proud and emotional’.

There is a good chance that both Benjahmin and Phoenix have copied the basketball with her current boyfriend Dominique. Together with twin brother Philip, Dominique is the driving force behind Triple ThreaT, a basketball association and foundation that was established to keep young people off the streets by giving them basketball training.

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