Danjen Kopassus Denies Eggi Sudjana Red Beret: No Contribution

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Danjen Special Forces Major General of the TNI Teguh Muji Angkasa emphasized that: Eggi Sudjana not part of the extended family of the Red Beret Corps. According to him, Eggi never contributed.

Teguh spoke thus responding to Eggi Sudjana who claimed to be part of Kopassus in a video uploaded on Youtube on 12 January. Eggi wears a red beret in the video.

“I (Kopassus Danjen) in this case as the supervisor of the Red Beret Corps, explained the existence of the video of brother Eggi Sudjana which was uploaded on his YouTube account. Firm in written statement.

He emphasized that Kopassus had no connection whatsoever with Eggi Sudjana. Teguh felt the need to say that because he was the main leader of Kopassus.

“I need to underline that every Danjen Kopassus has a responsibility as a supervisor for the Red Beret Corps, while what is meant by the Red Beret Corps is all Kopassus soldiers, both active and retired,” said Teguh.

Photo: CNN Indonesia/Andry Novelino
Eggi Sudjana claimed to be part of the Kopassus extended family, but was directly denied by the Danjen Kopassus Major General Teguh Muji Angkasa CNN Indonesia/Andry Novelino

Previously, a video showing Eggi Sudjana wearing a red beret circulated. The video is known to have been uploaded by Eggi on his Youtube account.

The video is entitled ‘EGGI SUDJANA, with FKKPBM THE TEGANIZATION OF THE RELIGION OF ALLAH’ and was uploaded on January 12, 2022.

“Because this in Cijantung is the heart of Indonesia, who is it? FKKPBM is the heart of Indonesia, Allahu Akbar’s red beret army,” said Eggi Sudjana in the video as seen CNNIndonesia.com, Friday (28/1).

Still in the video, Eggi also said that the destruction of the red beret troops was the destruction of Indonesia.

“Because this is Indonesia, the destruction of the red beret troops, the destruction of Indonesia. Therefore, if the red beret troops are right, then Indonesia must be right,” said Eggi.


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