Daniels Ontuzans from SC Freiburg and the longing for the big stage – SC Freiburg

After a stuttering start, the Latvian Daniels Ontuzans earned himself a regular place at the third division club SC Freiburg II and was also used in the national team. He has a big dream.

From reservist to permanent regular: After a complicated first few weeks in Breisgau, Daniels Ontuzans has settled in Freiburg. The 21-year-old offensive player has been one of the most conspicuous players at SC Freiburg II in the third division for weeks. The young Latvian is now aiming for the next step in his career. He has already experienced what it feels like to play alongside world-class players like Joshua Kimmich or against Virgil van Dijk.
It is the dream of every young footballer to wear the colors of their own national team. To be there even on the green pitch when the media interest of an entire sporting nation is devoted to the national soccer team for a short time. “Of course it’s a big goal to be in a big tournament with the national team,” says Ontuzans.
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