Danger of ice! The rain will turn into snow

Overnight it will be mostly cloudy and light rain will fall, in places along the Danube the rain will mix with snow, there will be conditions for ice formation.

The NIMH warns about this.

The minimum temperatures will be mostly between 0 ° and 5 °. In Sofia – about 3 °. Tomorrow morning the rain will stop. The clouds will remain significant, with temporary breaks in the western half of the country. Almost quiet weather. The maximum temperatures will be from 3 ° – 4 ° in places along the Danube to 12 ° in Southwestern Bulgaria. In Sofia – about 8 °.

Above the mountains it will be mostly cloudy, in the morning in places in the Fore-Balkans and the massifs of Western Bulgaria will fall light snow, below about 1700 meters – light rain. It will blow to moderate wind from west-southwest. The maximum temperature at 1200 meters will be about 5 °, at 2000 meters – about minus 1 °.

Above the Black Sea coast the clouds will be significant and before noon it will rain lightly. Almost quiet weather. Maximum temperatures will be between 8 ° and 11 °. The temperature of the sea water is 8 ° -10 °. The sea wave will be 1-2 points.


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