“Dance Battle Beyond imagination “

More and more intense With the reality stage show “IDOL PARADISE”, a competition program to find the new T-POP IDOL girl group of Thailand from VCM CORPORATION

This week! Week 4, “Boy-Pakorn Chatborirak”, a kind brother, lovely host, sends hearts to help the children. Who qualified for the competition in the tough challenge “Dance Battle” where the last 36 girls have to be grouped into 6 teams to prepare for the challenge of dancing under the concept of a show that is beyond imagination and Extremely different All contestants will have to take a dance class with a team of top choreographer coaches. To develop a skill for 3 weeks before competing on the paradise stage. From dancing to being a real idol with the toughest rules of the competition in this round

By this week The young contestants from the first two teams that will enter the dance battle arena on the first paradise stage will duel in a ghost theme, encountering a space theme. How wow and pleasing is the “Dance Battle” atmosphere? Have to join in to win with all 36 of them because even if it is the winning team that comes from the decisions of the 3 judges, Tong Neng-Tiara Amradit, Pop-Pongkul Suebsung and Han-Israya Phattharamanop But that doesn’t mean everyone on the team will be a finalist. Tears of Victory Of dream proof How can it belong to someone who strives and tries?

Follow and cheer up 36 cute girls with charm and talents to see who will become the real idol in the program “IDOL PARADISE” in the “Dance Battle” round. This Sunday, February 21, from 18.20 – 19.50 on Channel 3, press 33 #VCMCorporation #TPOPidol #DanceBattle # IdolParadiseEP4


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