Daer, Menem’s former lawyer, was found wounded with a shot to the neck – Comercio y Justicia

Omar Daer, former lawyer of Carlos Saúl Menem, former associate judge of the Buenos Aires Supreme Court and father-in-law of the mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendoza, was found with a shot to the throat, in his home in the Parque de Bernal neighborhood, in that locality.

The judicial authorities are investigating a possible suicide attempt.

Daer was taken to the Quilmes Municipal Hospital and, due to the complexity of the wound, he was transferred to a highly complex hospital (El Cruce, in Florencio Varela), where he was hospitalized in a delicate condition.

The head of the Fiscal Instruction Unit Number 6, Mariana Curra Samaniego, intervenes in the case.

Daer’s wife, María Cecilia Attolini, narrated that everything happened after an argument, after which the 66-year-old lawyer went to the matrimonial room, and that after a few minutes he heard the shot.

Attolini specified that when he entered the room he saw Daer with a weapon in his right hand, face up, lying on the bed and with blood stains,

He also stated that the man is depressed and takes anti-anxiety medication.

Daer defended former President Menem in the case of illegal arms sales to Ecuador and served for nine years as his adviser in the Senate.

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