Dacia Logan and Sandero in other versions. One is made for the Czechs!

The new generations of Logan and Sander are currently reaping great success. This would certainly be the case in the case of other body variants, which, unfortunately, are not planned.

With the arrival of the new Logan and Sander, Dacia made a huge leap forward. It is no longer just the recycled technology of the parent Renault, because the new dacia is coming on the CMP platform, which is currently used by the Clio and Captur models. Sure, it will be a simpler and cheaper version, but it is still progress.

So far, the brand has shown us a new generation of models Logan, Sandero to Sandero Stepway. If you read us regularly, you should not be too surprised that it is missing from the menu Logan MCV, ie the popular cheap station wagon. We announced some time ago that the successor of this practical car is not expected in the new generation. At least not in the form we’ve known in recent years. However, we will still have to wait for the details.

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Yet he is an independent graphic designer Glue Silva decided to create such a car and shows us what a new generation Dacia Logan MCV would look like. And he’s not the only one involved in making such a station wagon. A well-known creator also presented his design X-Tomi. It is a great pity that we will not see the car, in our country promised to station wagons, the Logan MCV would certainly celebrate great sales success.

In addition to the station wagon, you can also view other designs by independent graphic designers in the photo gallery – a pleasing SUV coupe, a hard-working pick-up or a sharper RS ​​version. So, which of these works would you like best?


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