Dacia Bigster will be the new flagship of the Romanian brand. What is already known about her?

Romanian customers no longer only want small city cars. With a range of larger models such as the Jogger and Bigster, the Dacia can also increase its profits.

In March at the latest, at a time when the traditional spring European Motor Show was taking place in Geneva, the Romanian Dacia will present its Bigster model. The car should enter the market, including the Czech one, sometime in early autumn.

The concept car, rebuilt at the beginning of the end of the year, gives an idea of ​​what the new Dacia flagship should look like. You can look at it in our photo gallery.

The brand has so far only confirmed the length of the body. It is 4.6 meters. The Bigster will thus outgrow the Jogger model by about five centimeters, which will go on sale as early as the coming spring.

It is not yet known whether he will also be able to install a third row of seats for the sixth and seventh passengers. However, it is likely. Also, Dacia has not yet stated whether all-wheel drive will be available. But even that is almost certain, because in this size class SUV, 4×4 versions are usually offered.

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According to sources in the British magazine Autoexpress, Dacia intends to offer the car from around 20,000 pounds, which is approximately CZK 595,000. We can expect an even lower price tag.

They drive on a platform for small cars

Dacia thus wants to get to a price level that corresponds to a class of smaller cars than the Bigster. Thus, although the length approaches, for example, the Škoda Kodiaq, the price tag is more reminiscent of the Škoda Karoq.

The creators of the car also got the affordable price thanks to the use of a platform for small cars of the Renault concern. It is marked CMF-B and is driven by, for example, the Sandero hatchback.

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This is logically related to the offer of motorization for Bigster. It is possible that the input motorization will be a supercharged three-cylinder petrol engine, but ordinary motorists will most often choose a supercharged four-cylinder thirteen-cylinder engine with an output of 130 hp.

The hybrid of the Renault Clio is also planned. a new hybrid will also be added in the future, consisting of a three-cylinder 1.2 and a powerful electric motor. Together, they will provide 200 horsepower.


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