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Culture – Recreation | School of Oeutrange : the students take the poses way Doisneau


Click, clack. The 25 students of the class of CE2, CM1 and CM2, Hervé Lienardt of the school of Thionville-Oeutrange took the poses in front of the lens of Peter Heckler in the manner of Robert Doisneau. This lovely artistic project is born of the encounter between the photographer, the Republican Lorrain, Peter Heckler, and Hervé Lienardt, a school teacher. The idea was to replay the scenes of everyday life, taking up the poses of the famous photos of Robert Doisneau taken in the fifties. “We conducted a lot of work to upstream, which was structured around the viewing of videos and film The 400 blows François Truffaut in the prospect of a visit to the school in the past Metzervisse “, explains The professor. A visit which, if it has not been cancelled, will be postponed to next autumn because of the health crisis.

This is all work of immersion in what was the school of “grandparents” that gave rise to the realization of a beautiful series of black and white photos inspired by those of the famous photographer who disappeared in 1994. Coated gowns, dark of the time, and after having observed the original, the students have played the game, the 5 of march last, just before the containment. “We had to choose to be the good pupil, the one capable of reflecting at best the original of each photo,” says the teacher. And resume : “Each of the 25 students was asked at least once. “

This approach is inspired by the work of Doisneau has also been the opportunity to work on photography and the history of France. “We’ve used digital tablets to work on the framing, the brightness. “A making-of of this day is not like the others will also be the subject of a small exhibition in the corridors of the school to the next school year.


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