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Major crypto exchange, like we do in the Netherlands Battle recently announced that they have temporarily paused withdrawals for users. The reason would be suspicious activity that may have had an effect on the exchange’s customers. According to, users don’t have to worry about their crypto assets being at risk.

‘Suspicious activity’

on Twitter the platform said a small amount of users have expressed concerns about their accounts. Apparently there was indeed something going on, because action was soon taken by the exchange. Several users also shared on Twitter that they suddenly had significant amounts of cryptomunten were lost.

“We have a small amount of users who have reported suspicious activity on their accounts. We will briefly pause recordings while our team investigates. All funds are safe.”

In addition to suspending recordings for users, an investigation into the suspicious activity was launched. At the moment, this research has not yielded any results and it is also unknown when it will be possible for users to withdraw money again.


A well-known crypto influencer, Ben Baller, took to Twitter that he was suddenly missing 4.28ETH, worth about $15,000, from his user account. He also reports that he two-factor authentication had enabled on his account, which should normally protect against burglars.

Therefore, it is suspected that potential hackers were able to bypass strong security. Dogecoin (DOGE) founder, Billy Markus, also known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto, came across some interesting things.

He also doubts’s message that all funds are safe. Markus cannot even rule out that this is a inside job or that hackers managed to gain access to the hot wallet of the exchange.

The CEO of the trading platform says that everything should be back in order by now.

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